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  • Tourism industry and Competitors news 

Given the health situation (covid-19) and the circumstances that impose travel restrictions, SETO recommends that its members postpone all departures up to and including Friday, June 12, 2020 for package tours. 

The tourism sector will still have to wait to find out the conditions for a reopening. As part of the deconfinement plan, the government wishes to act in phases, with an initial period running until 2 June 2020, when a reopening of cafés and restaurants could be considered. 

The summer holidays will start well on July 6th, the date remains unchanged. Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer confirmed this on BFMTV: «We are not changing (the dates of the summer holidays), it remains a point of reference,» he said. 

Thursday April 28, Prof. Jerome Salomon presented a map to identify the departments where deconfinement must take a stricter form, «red or green». 4 regions concentrate the majority of hospitalized cases (72%) of Covid-19: Ile-de- France, Hauts-de-France, Auvergne Rhône Alpes, Grand Est. 

The association Actors of Sustainable Tourism has just launched its «Manifesto» to make post-Covid19 tourism quite radically different from the previous one, taking into account the conditions that have changed and the enhancement of positive actions for the environment, territories and communities.»While many recovery plans are now being considered by the various tourist destinations, we, the Sustainable Tourism Actors, believe that we must imagine a real plan to transform French and world tourism instead of a recovery plan that would get us back on our feet as before. The challenge is no longer just to seek growth in tourism, but to seek the development of tourism with positive impacts, whether for mankind, the environment or the regions». The full text of the manifesto is available by clicking on the link below 

Manifeste pour un plan de transformation du Tourisme 

As with France, Greece is moving towards a gradual deconfinement. The only difference with France is that the timetable for the tourism sector has been announced: hotels operating all year round, cafés and restaurants will open from 1 June, and seasonal hotels from 1 July. Open-air archaeological sites will be open to the public from 18 May 2020. 

Maeva survey: 90% of families still leaving for this summer but 78% of them haven’t made a reservation yet… While the details of the deconfinement and the summer season are still uncertain,, a specialist in holidays in France in campsites, apartments and holiday homes, has interviewed* its customers to take stock of their projects and find out their expectations for the next summer holidays. 

The good news is that 90% of families are sticking to their holiday plans this summer but 78% of them have not yet booked. 

In coordination with the Tourist Office of Portugal (Turismo de Portugal), the Algarve Tourist Office is working on boosting tourism by developing new protocols to guarantee the safety of workers and tourists, while minimising the impact of the health crisis generated by Covid-19. 

Portugal: To reassure travellers and prepare for the recovery, Turismo de Portugal has created a «Clean & Safe» label that guarantees that tourist operators have implemented a health protocol following the recommendations of the Portuguese General Directorate of Health, in order to ensure the prevention of risks linked to the coronavirus epidemic. 

Atout France provides French tourism stakeholders with an international and national benchmark on the health protection measures in place or planned in the sector, as well as methodological recommendations to facilitate a resumption of tourism activity as soon as possible. http://www.atoutfrance. fr/sites/default/files/imce/gestion_covid19_benchmarking_mesures_sanitaires_20042020_atout_france.pdf 

  • Aviation news 

Paris-Orly airport is expected to remain closed until the autumn. 

In view of the low traffic levels and the expected slow recovery, the reopening of Orly airport to commercial traffic is not considered necessary for several months. Roissy-CDG airport, even reduced to two or three terminals, will be able to absorb all summer traffic. We have to wait for the borders to reopen before we can get back on track,» ADP explains. A large part of Orly’s business is based on serving the Maghreb countries, whose borders are closed. In addition, the closure of the borders of the European Union should also last until September. 

Lufthansa Group announces that passengers will be required to wear a mask during flights. This is because social distancing measures will not always be guaranteed depending on the number of passengers (measure valid until 30 August 2020). 

Faced with the Covid-19 pandemic, the low-cost airline Ryanair has extended until 14 May the very limited flight programme it offers from Ireland and Great Britain. It is calling for patience in particular with regard to asset management and reimbursements, and continues to operate special flights, for example to Monrovia in Africa. 

IATA had warned that if nothing was done for the industry, airlines would have to make mass redundancies. The wave of layoffs started in Europe at SAS, Norwegian, Icelandair, Ryanair, British Airways, Wizz Air and even manufacturers such as Airbus… 

  • Tour operators and travel agents news 

Not very optimistic for an upturn in travel and tourism in 2020, Helmut Stückelschweiger, President of the tour operator Top of Travel, has prioritised his 2021 programme by drawing up his flight plan for the spring of 2021.Top of travel, a specialist in regional departures, is thus facing the exceptional situation caused by Covid-19 by playing the anticipation card. As part of the ordinance, all customers benefit from an 18-month deferral. «The entire Top team has mobilized to draw up the 2021 flight plan and distribute it to its partners to facilitate the postponements for their customers». 

Punctual flights departing from many provincial cities are also positioned to allow postponement under the same conditions. Top of travel facilitates the postponement of departures and allows its partners to anticipate the postponements of their customers under the best conditions, by renewing its 2020 fares for 2021 under the conditions below: 

– Free of charge, 

– On the same destination, 

– Same product or program, 

– On the same dates, 

– And at the same tariff conditions (respecting the 2021 school and bridge holiday schedule). 

TourCom launches its Covid-19 kit for its travel agencies 

In order to facilitate their approach, the Tourcom network has put in place a complete Covid-19 Kit to ensure their safety and that of their customers, and to resume business more serenely. 

This kit includes 

  • 2 bottles of 1L hydroalcoholic gel 
  • 2 protective walls 
  • 2 counter easels A4 «barrier gestures». 
  • 1 door sticker «respect of sanitary rules». 

By pooling purchases, the Covid19 kit is proposed at 175€ and will be delivered at the end of May on order. 

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