Informe semanal de noticias del mercado francés de la Oficina de Turismo de Tenerife en París

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Croatia: a new surge in French tourists in 2019

Croatia recorded an 8% increase in arrivals from France last year, repeating the performance of 2018 and confirming a sustained growth for several years. In 2019, Croatia continued its momentum on the French market. For the second consecutive year, the destination recorded an 8% growth in tourist arrivals from France. Of the 20.7 million international tourists counted in 2019 (+5%), 640,000 came from France. The growth in arrivals has been particularly significant in the regions most popular with the French: the region of Split (+7% of arrivals) and that of Dubrovnik, where the figure rises by 14%. Echo Touristique

The 10 European cities to be discovered by your customers in 2020

A ranking carried out by the European Best Destinations website highlights a few cities in the Old Continent that are still little known to travellers. Maybe you’ll be inspired by them! But if the ranking proves to be very interesting it is above all for the European cities that are still little known and that deserve to be visited this year. Among them, we will notably retain the Portuguese seaside resort of Cascais, the city of Sibiu, stiuated in the heart of Transylvania, or Rijeka, in the Bay of Kvarner in Croatia.

The complete ranking:

1 – Colmar, France

2 – Athens, Greece

3 – Tbilisi, Georgia

4 – Vienna, Austria

5 – Cascais, Portugal

6 – Sibiu, Romania

7 – Namur, Belgium

8 – Rijeka, Croatia

9 – Paris, France

10 – Bydgoszcz, Poland

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Volotea to open a line between Marseille and Tenerife

Volotea continues its development at Marseille Provence airport and announces the launch of a new international route to Tenerife, Canary Islands from 17 October 2020. Volotea will serve 25 destinations in 2020, including 15 exclusive destinations from Marseille airport: 4 in France (Biarritz, Caen, Rennes and Strasbourg) and 21 international destinations (Athens, Bari, Cagliari, Castellón, Corfu, Dubrovnik, Faro, Fuerteventura, Heraklion, Lanzarote, Luxembourg, Mykonos, Minorca, Naples, Olbia, Palma de Mallorca, Prague, Santorini, Split, Tenerife and Venice). TourMag

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Havas Voyages Sports muscle the Havas Voyages offer

The Marietton Développement group is expanding its specialized offer with a new brand: Havas Voyages Sports. Around sports events, this expert brand is developing a complete offer for the amateur public. Havas Voyages Sports is a team of specialists who have been criss-crossing the sports world for more than 15 years and who create and propose a rich offer around major events such as World Cups, major GPs and tournaments or major European football matches… These experts not only have a complete range of products under the Havas Voyages Sports banner, but also know how to tailor them to your needs. TourMag

Top of Travel bets Egypt for summer 2020

The tour operator is releasing two new brochures, «Clubs & Stays» and «Circuits & Discovery», for the summer of 2020. The main objective is to make a place for itself in Egypt, but also to assert its leadership in Madeira and Jordan. To attract customers, the tour operator is counting on its new Top Clubs Cocoon Mercure Luxor Karnak, also offered in some of its Egyptian tours. Four tours are being launched this year in the destination, including «From the Nile to the Red Sea», a 7-night stay on board a 5* boat (Egyptian standards) and «Treasures of Egypt», exploring the temples and cities between Luxor and Aswan. 2,500 customers have so far been registered for the year 2020, most of them on cruises. Quotidien du Tourisme

Google: any news on the flight network… to please Europe?

Google has introduced a new bar in the search for flights in France. In prey to numerous attacks, notably because of its dominant position, Google seems to be reacting. Indeed, since a few days a new bar has just appeared in France, when a query about flights is launched. From now on, if you type flight + the name of a city, from now on and well before Google Flights, the logos of the aerial comparators appear at the top of the page. This is an additional way for partners (understanding the comparators or OTA) to be discovered when searching for flights, we are told on the Google side. TourMag

Takeover of Jet tours: the bidding rises to more than one million euros

The court reserved its decision and it will be necessary to wait until February 12, but Hervé Vighier would have made the best bid for Jet tours, at more than one million euros. In his presentation file, Hervé Vighier indicates that he would like to exploit the Jet tours brand in the framework of a hotel activity, through an exploitation license. A return to tour-operating is not mentioned but nothing would prevent him from being interested in it in a second stage. «A last minute surprise is always possible», however, says one observer. «When such sums are at stake, the judge is interested in the origin of the funds, examines the projects and the credibility and even the probity of their holders. As a last resort, he could, for example, give preference to GIE Asha’s bid for Jet tours. Between €1.1M and €1M, there is not so much difference», he estimates. Tour Hebdo

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