Informe semanal de noticias del mercado ruso de la Oficina de Turismo de Tenerife en Moscú

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Aeroflot transfers all its flights departing to China and arriving from there to terminal F of Sheremetyevo Airport. The changes took effect from January 31. These measures are related to the prevention of the spread of coronavirus. Aeroflot is the only regular Russian carrier from Moscow to China. He performs a total of six flights to and from China per day. The airline flies to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Harbin, as well as to destinations where Aeroflot share flights with Chinese airlines China Eastern and China Southern (Sanya, Dalian, Wuhan).

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In February Russians spend among other things on trips on Valentine’s Day and February 23rd and consider these dates as traditional annual holidays. Alyona Khitrova, senior specialist at the Anex Tour company’s PR department, named the top 5 destinations where Russians plan to spend Valentine’s Day and a long weekend on February 23. Those countries are Thailand, Vietnam, Cuba, India and the Dominican Republic. “Last year, this list was different. The first two countries were the same place, however, like India. But on the third line then were the UAE, the fifth was China. The trip to the Emirate of Sharjah will be the cheapest – staying in a 3 * hotel for two will cost from 50 thousand rubles,” she told RATA-news.
TUI Russia’s public relations manager Tatyana Korshunova also mentioned Turkey, Jordan, Israel, ski resorts in Italy, Andorra and Bulgaria. “Turkey is in the leader. 23% of the total number of TO´s tourists decided to spend the February holidays at the resorts of the Anatolian coast.”
Tour operator Russian Express has more requests to exotic destinations like Maldives, Sri Lanka, Indonesia. But the tour operator connects this with the desire of people to bask in the sun, but not with the holidays.

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On Sunday, February 2nd the new rules of EU Schengen visas requests entered into force. Experts told the portal that the procedure for submitting documents for a visa will remain the same, but the questionnaires themselves are changed. According to the head of the visa department of tour operator Click Voyage Eugeniy Lukashin, if earlier, when indicating the dates of the trip, it was possible to request a visa for a year or two years), now this is not possible. It is not yet clear how innovations will affect the issuance of long-term visas. Recall that one of the tasks of the new amendments was the implementation of an approach agreed between all countries participating in the Schengen agreement to issue multiple visas to people with a “positive visa history”.

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Statistics of the tourist search engine indicates that most often Belarusians fly to Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Turkey and Italy. However, there are a dozen countries that are not in the top five, but the number of ticket requests for them over the year has grown. The most «modest» indicator in the new rating prepared by was 55%. And according to the leader, the number of requests has doubled.  In fifth place is the route Minsk – United Arab Emirates, where demand increased by 80%. Further, the Seychelles and Maldives were in the ranking of promising places, where the number of requests increased by 83%. Experts found great interest in Indonesia and Japan.

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Russian tour operators are considering various options for the use of transportation, which was released after all flights to Hainan was canceled. Earlier, Rostourism called on TO to return all its clients from China before February 4th. Now in Hainan there are less than 5 thousand Russian citizens. According to Profi.Travel sources, about two thousand are ANEX Tour customers, the same are from TEZ Tour. In addition, a small group of tourists from the tour operators Tartus Tour and Rus-Tour remains on the island.
TEZ Tour is the second major TO, with its own transportation between Russia and Hainan has already announced the expansion of its flight program from Moscow to Phuket.
The main question is which flight programs will be offered to the regions, from where the charters to Hainan alone stood. Tour operators have not yet commented on this issue. But at most regional airports, from where Hainan charters AZUR Air departed, the carrier also has flights to the UAE and Thailand. The same destinations are considered as the most adequate alternative to the Chinese island.

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