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Tourism and CSR: «tourism has a driving role in the territory’s economy».

CSR, sustainable tourism and transparency, we spoke with Elise Bonneau, senior consultant at the food and sustainable consumption division of the Utopies consulting agency, which assists companies in their conversion to sustainability. The tourism sector is a driving force in the local economy. It will create long-term jobs by becoming involved in the local economic fabric, and this is also rewarding for employees. The development of the area is through activities, food but there is also the renovation of buildings or subcontractors, even if they are not visible, we must do it and talk about it, and be very transparent about all the actions.» TourMag

After the strikes, the SNCF is giving gifts

With traffic returning to normal, the SNCF is going on the offensive in «seduction» mode. On the Inoui and Ouigo TGVs, the carrier is launching a low-cost operation. More than 5 million tickets are on sale at €35. After the unremitting Christmas holidays, the SNCF would like to make a success of the February holidays and beyond. To do this, we need to convince passengers and restore confidence.  The carrier is therefore communicating at the same time as the return to normal traffic.  The aim is to boost sales on the Inoui and Ouigo TGVs and reassure customers that the SNCF will be «there for the major departures of the winter holidays, particularly to snow destinations», she said. Quotidien du Tourisme

Blue Monday: the «most depressing day of the year» was created to sell… more trips!

Every year, it’s the same thing. The third Monday in January would be the most depressing day of the year… You don’t believe it? You’re quite right, because this day was simply invented for a communication campaign by a travel chain. The idea was something to be taken seriously. It all started from a mathematical formula by Dr. Cliff Arnall, published in 2005. According to the Cardiff University psychologist, several negative factors would make this day the most depressing day of the year: the weather, the debt due to holiday expenses, the time elapsed since Christmas and the lack of motivation. All these parameters added together can explain the growing depressed mood in January. Tour Hebdo

World tourism growth slowed in 2019

he growth in the number of tourists in the world has slowed to 4% in 2019, due in particular to the global economic slowdown, geopolitical uncertainties and the Brexit, announced the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) on Monday. In total, the UNWTO recorded 1.5 billion international tourist arrivals in 2019. In 2017 and 2018, the number of international tourists had increased by 7% and 6% respectively. «The slowdown is linked to the performance of the global economy, with economic growth at around 3%,» explained Sandra Carvao, UNWTO Market Trends Officer, also citing «quite a lot of uncertainty related to Brexit», the «weakness of the German economy» and the impact of «geopolitical issues». The bankruptcy of British tour operator Thomas Cook also contributed to the slowdown, according to the UNWTO. Echo Touristique

Over-tourism: media amplification, but real issues at stake

The term overtourism – which appeared in the media in 2015 – is often used in an alarmist way and associated with negative phenomena, but is it possible to blame tourists for being there if a destination invites them? Various prevention or mitigation measures can be put in place to better manage a problematic influx, such as focusing on the quality of the experiences offered rather than on the number of visitors, better understanding citizen concerns and ensuring positive spinoffs, and improving local planning and management practices for tourism activity. The solutions require proactive and concerted action by those responsible for tourism and urban management of destinations, so that travel is an opportunity for residents and visitors to meet, not an inevitability. Réseau Veille Tourisme

Coronavirus: SETO decides to suspend travel to China until February 21, 2020 included

SETO held a consultation this Sunday following the growing epidemic situation in China. Thus, given the closure of the main tourist sites at destination, the TO members decided to suspend their trips to China until February 21 inclusive. Customers of French travel agencies and tour operators will be contacted from this Monday. Indeed, the professionals will propose to them to postpone without charge or to modify their trip at the current rate. A decision that was necessary given the worsening situation in China. TourMag

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MisterFly, PerfectStay and Worldia integrate French Tech 120

The first promotion of the French Tech 120 has just been unveiled. More than 80 start-ups are joining the Next 40 start-ups. After winning the Tech5 Europe in 2017, then the Pass French Tech in 2018, MisterFly joins the French Tech120, underlines the company in a press release. In the complete list of 123 (and not 120) selected companies, other travel nuggets such as the B2B actor PerfectStay and the specialist in custom-made products Worldia are now also included. Not forgetting the Bordeaux start-up Loisirs Enchères Enchères. In total, more than 80 companies have joined the 40 Next40 companies, including Evaneos, HomeExchange and Blablacar. Echo Touristique

Travelling by train, the first brochure responsible for Salaün

In a few weeks a new brochure will be presented in the travel agency network by Salaün Holidays, dedicated exclusively to «low carbon» travel. This small, original 32-page brochure is mainly dedicated to 4 destinations in close proximity: Spain, Italy, Bavaria/Austria and Central Europe with two tours proposed in June and September, only by train, with accommodation always close to the stations and a number of visits or activities at short distance from the hotel to limit travel. Quotidien du Tourisme

Yes, Fosun does want to bring Thomas Cook back to life

Fosun hasn’t said his last word after Thomas Cook’s bankruptcy!  In September, the Chinese group had tried to set up a rescue plan worth nearly 530 million euros, in vain.  Finally, in November, Fosun had announced the purchase of the Thomas Cook brand for the coquettish sum of 13 million euros.  An investment that Fosun intends to make profitable as soon as possible.  According to The Times, the Chinese group now intends to relaunch the defunct brand next June.  The new Thomas Cook should be very different, however, as Fosun now wants to position the oldest TO in the world as an online travel agency.  The aim will be to push the Fosun Tourism Group’s offer around the world.  For the record, Fosun owns Club Med, the Atlantis Sanya resort in China and the online travel agency Foryou Travel, among others. Tour Hebdo

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