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Russian tourists overtake the whole world by the growth rate of travel expenses
Russians are leading in terms of growth in spending on tourist trips. This was announced at the Amadeus conference on December 4th by Executive Vice President of the retail company Champa Magesh. According to her, travel expenses today are growing around the world. At the same time, tourists in Russia shell out 15% more annually, in China – by 10%, and in the USA – by 7%. The expert explained the global trend by the fact that among travelers today millennials dominate, who are willing to spend more money on impressions than on material goods. At the same time, she noted that it is increasingly difficult offer a propriate services, because tourists become more selective. “Today’s tourists no longer want to choose from a limited range of proposals, they prefer a personalized approach. They are more demanding, impatient, and have no brand affection, ”Magesh emphasized.

Analysts explain the leadership of Russians in travel expenses as a protracted economic crisis from 2014 to 2016, after which a period of relative stability began. As a result, if in 2013, according to WTO estimates, the Russians spent $ 53 billion on travel, and in 2016 – $ 24 billion, now the market is gradually recovering. In 2017 and 2018 spending of Russian tourists on vacation amounted to 31.1 and 34 billion rubles, respectively.

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Aeroflot canceled flights to Paris during the strikes

Aeroflot Airlines reported on its official website that due to a nationwide strike in France from December 4th to 8th, the carrier makes changes in the schedule of flights from Moscow to Paris on the December 6th.  Flights SU 2462 Sheremetyevo – Paris and SU 2463 Paris – Sheremetyevo will be canceled. Nevertheless, the airline offered an alternative to canceled flights. “Passengers will be sent on December 6th with flights SU 2458 and SU 2459.

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TUI Russia talked about trends in tourism

General director of tour operator TUI in Russia Taras Demura told about trends in Russian travel market. He said that the next year, up to 10% of TUI Russia’s product will be based on regular flight. According to him, 2 years ago all packages tours in the company were based on charter flights, but now air carriers are more flexible and ready to offer good condition for partners. He also noted another trend: today, travelers want to be able to create a product by themselves, adding a variety of additional services to it. Before travelers who prefer packages tours bought as additional services only group transfer and insurance, but now they choose different options such as a personal transfer, fast track at the airport, various additional services on the plane, such as choosing a place or individual meals. In total, they were offered about 20 options to diverse their trips.

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Turkish hoteliers do not trust tour operators

Turkish media reported that local hoteliers had concerns about solvency of tour operators. After the hotel owners suffered major losses from the bankruptcy of the British Thomas Cook, they want to receive early payments from other tour operators. Experts wondered whether the new rules would affect Russian tourism market. On December 6th, Executive Director of Intourist Sergey Tolchin commented this situation “Each hotel chooses a convenient model of cooperation with a tour operator company” he said. “Most hotels have signed the contracts without any changes or tightening payment rules.” Intourist added that more likely this message was addressed to the European market.

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Flight prices to Asia regions decreased by 14% for winter period

During the winter season the price of flights to Asia region became cheaper, which increased the interesting of travelers and tourist flow. Foreign preferences of Russians have noticeably changed – now independent travelers instead of the usual tours to Europe more often choose southeast Asia: Yerevan, Bangkok, Phuket, Samui and Bali are in the top-popular destinations. Last year it was – Bangkok, Tel Aviv, Barcelona, Rome and Prague.

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GlobalData announces online tour sales growth

According to the GlobalData company, in Europe the share of tours sold online last year was 34%. Moreover, the majority, 26%, were purchased by tourists on the sites of tour operators and only 8% on the pages of agencies. Experts are confident that this trend is also growths on the Russian market, but its scale is smaller. Accurate statistics according to the Russian market do not exist, approximately 7-10% of tour purchases are made online. Ellin Tolstov, co-founder of the service of searching and buying tours online (OTA) Level.Travel, is sure that within 5 years this indicator will increase to 30%.

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