Informe semanal de noticias del mercado francés de la Oficina de Turismo de Tenerife en París

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TUI France’s 5 strong points for the summer of 2020

TUI France presented this Tuesday all the new products planned for the next summer season. Between opening clubs, new tours and enriching local experiences, the tour operator wants to position itself strongly on the market:

1 – A large number of new clubs

2 – Experiences with Lookéa Exploréa clubs

3 – A richer hotel offer

4 – New «Grandeur Nature» tours and trips

5 – A stronger ecological commitment

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Top 10 rising destinations, according to Evaneos

«The tourist offices have made a great effort to attract French customers,» he says. Rodrigue, number 2, » represents a beautiful alternative to Mauritius, in a more natural and less touristic way. Another interesting trend is that Africa is promising in more than one respect. Zambia closes the podium. Algeria and Mauritania (Nos. 5 and 9) are regaining the favour of travellers, after years of economic and security instability. «Some regions have reopened,» says Eric La Bonnardière. Echo Touristique

  1. Baltic States
  2. Rodrigues
  3. Zambia
  4. Fiji
  5. Algeria
  6. French Guiana
  7. Balearic Islands
  8. Spain
  9. Mauritania
  10. Martinique

How will we travel in 2040?

Will it be easier and faster to travel abroad in 2040? In any case, this is what Allianz Partners is planning through a study. Indeed, if the number of passengers is destined to increase considerably, technological innovation could still make up for this increase and even improve the passenger experience. How? How? The Future Travel Experience report highlights 4 main trends that will revolutionize the way we travel and save us time:

– Virtual and augmented reality

– Advanced technological solutions

– New means of transport

– The new destinations

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Strike in France: the movement is renewed on Friday 6 and until Monday 9 included

Traffic will still be very disrupted tomorrow, Friday, December 6, at SNCF and RATP. The strike movement against pension reform is continuing in both transport companies, and even «until Monday» at RATP. SNCF management has announced that traffic will be further reduced to 10% for high-speed trains tomorrow on the North, East and South-East axes. On the Atlantic axis and the Ouigo, it is one train out of six. TER traffic should be «30% on average» with alternative buses. The strike rate was 55% on Thursday at the SNCF. Quotidien du Tourisme

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Expedia in the midst of a turmoil

Mark Okerstrom, Expedia Group’s Chief Operating Officer, and Alan Pickerill, Chief Financial Officer, resigned from their positions last Wednesday, marking their disagreement with the solutions to be found for the future of OTA. The two directors will be replaced respectively by the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Barry Diller (photo), and his Vice-President Peter Kern.

«The managers and the board of directors did not agree on the strategy to be implemented. Earlier this year, Expedia embarked on an ambitious restructuring plan to bring our brands and technologies closer together more effectively,» said Barry Diller Diller Diller about the resignation of Okerstrom and Kern. La Quotidienne

Thomas Cook France: For 25 travel agencies, it’s over!

The 11 distributors who are candidates for takeover share 149 branches of Thomas Cook’s integrated network. The Nanterre Commercial Court handed down its judgment on 28 November. After the sledgehammer blow of the announcement of the bankruptcy of the parent company on 23 September, everyone was wondering what would happen to their agency and their job. For the 149 branches taken over, nearly a quarter of the jobs are eliminated (see below), i.e. 107 jobs to which must be added the 48 not retained in the groups department. For 25 travel agencies and their 58 employees, it’s over. The PES (social plan) was to be presented to the EC on 29 November. Quotidien du Tourisme

Pierre Lecat (Selectour): «The new website will be ready by mid-December»

One year after taking up his position as Digital and Marketing Director of Selectour, Pierre Lecat reviewed 2019 and reviewed all the tools developed by the network to boost sales in agencies: «It was a very rich first year with many projects. I was unfamiliar with the BtoB tourism sector.  I am very happy to have joined Selectour.  The President[Laurent Abitbol, editor’s note] is making things happen.  I had a great time, I was really driven by the network’s desire to move.  I have arrived at a moment of strong acceleration for Selectour.  The theme of the congress[which will be held from December 4 to 8 in Israel, editor’s note] is in line with this image since it concerns our commitment and our investments.» Tour Hebdo

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