Informe semanal de noticias del mercado ruso de la Oficina de Turismo de Tenerife en Moscú

  • Travelers

Russian tourists do not like to pay for a sun lounger. A rating of the most unpopular paid services has been compiled.

Russian travelers don’t like when they are required to pay for sun lounger on the beach at resorts. So say 43% of respondents who took part in a survey in online reservation service On the second place in the list of paid services that causes irritation is paid Internet. 29% of tourists do not want to pay for it. On the third place is a paid service that allows to choose a seat on a plane. 22% of travelers do not like to pay tourist taxes and fees at the hotel, this answer is on fourth place. And 17% are unhappy with paid registration for flights.

  • Aviation News

Tickets to Jordan are offered for 6 thousand rubles.

Online travel agencies websites published profitable offers of air tickets to some countries. Yamal Airlines offers to visit Jordan for just 5936 rubles. Brussels Airlines offers cheap tickets to Prague, in November tickets will cost 7936 rubles. Zanzibar, Phuket and Qatar are also offered at low prices.

Ural Airlines started flights from Zhukovsky airport to Amsterdam

Since the end of October 2019, Ural Airlines launched a flight to Amsterdam from Zhukovsky Airport. According to the airline’s press service, the airline’s flights to Amsterdam will be operated twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays, as part of the winter schedule.

Royal Flight airlines began to carry Russian tourists to Mexico

On October 29, 2019, Royal Flight airlines made its first non-stop flight to Mexico, Cancun which is the largest resort. According to the press release of the airline, the load on the aircraft was almost 100%, 487 of 492 seats were occupied. The airline will operate flights from Moscow to Cancun in the winter schedule 2019/20 (until 05/15/2020) 3 times per month, every 10/11 days. Flights leaves from Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport on Boeing 777-300ER.

  • Travel Industry

Tour operator TUI has signed contracts with hotels previously owned by Thomas Cook

19 hotels in Turkey have already signed contracts with tour operator TUI, among them Marmaris Imperial Hotel 5 * (Marmaris), Paloma Pasha Resort 5 * (Izmir), Trendy Lara 5 * (Antalya), 16 hotels in Greece, 22 hotels in Canaries Islands, 13 hotels in Mexico and 6 more in Balearic Islands. In total, there are about 135 contracts with hotels that once belonged to the bankrupt Thomas Cook, Turizm Guncel reports.

  • Competitors

What is the cheapest destination to travel during winter season?

Due to the high competition, it is possible to buy plane tickets to Emirates at a fairly low price. On the other hand, other services are quite expensive. For example, in Dubai a dinner or lunch at a restaurant for two people costs at least 5 thousand rubles. Vietnam is no less popular this season. The reason for this is cheap tours due to a large number of flights from Russia.

  • Destination News

Experts commented on the use of biometric data at Russian airports

On October 31, experts from the airline industry commented on portal Aeroflot’s offer to use passenger biometric data at Russian airports when registering for a flight. Roman Gusarov, editor-in-chief of, believes that this is impractical. He thinks that the use of biometric data may be useful when a person passing border control, but not when registering for a flight. Boris Shokurov, Deputy Executive Director of the Association of Air Transport Operators, has a different opinion. In a conversation with a correspondent, he emphasized that sooner or later all Russian airports would switch to using biometric data. Implementation of the technology will make pre-flight formalities easier and faster. But it is very important that this is economically justified and does not increase the cost of air tickets,”Shokurov said.

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