Informe semanal de noticias del mercado francés de las Oficinas de Turismo de Tenerife en París

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Destinations: the tops and flops of summer 2019

In the medium-haul segment, the top category for TO during the summer season, the return of some destinations, such as Tunisia (+14%) or Turkey (+47%), is penalizing other major destinations in the Mediterranean basin. Thus, the Greek islands (-5%), like the mainland (-2%), are falling but remain at the top of the ranking. The Canaries close the podium despite a major drop in capacity and therefore, mechanically, sales (-19%). The other Spanish regions are also falling (-8% for the Balearics, -11% for mainland Spain) but remain well ranked. Echo Touristique

TO: the first trends of winter

In the medium-haul segment, up 18.7%, North Africa and the Middle East stood out. Thus, Morocco (+26%), Tunisia (+18%) and Egypt (+68%) are in very good shape. The Canary Islands, which have been under tension for several seasons, are also recovering in colour (+4%). Echo Touristique

IFTM – TopResa: new customer trends as seen by travel agents

An always interesting conference, held on October 2nd, by Guy Raffour in collaboration with Salaün Holidays. We will focus mainly on the customers of travel agencies. 91% of customers want the destination to be safe: international events worry the French who are constantly informed. 42% of customers want their destination not to be subject to climatic hazards (the frequency of climatic events and their violence are taken into account). 75% is looking for a place that is not overtourism: customers want to visit what is essential, while at the same time wanting to enjoy the places calmly…

Prior knowledge of the days, hours and seasons of «overcrowded» places becomes essential to advise them and offer them, when possible, queue-cut tickets, or even real-time follow-ups on smartphones. La Quotidienne

Havas Voyages will create the leading French network of independent travel agents

Havas Voyages wishes to create the first network of independent travel agents in France. A kind of variation of the franchise in home office. To do this, it draws inspiration from its partner Travel Leaders, which has some 7,000 freelancers in the United States. In addition to its network of integrated and franchised agencies, the group wants to «create the first network of independent travel agents» in France, Christophe Jacquet, its CEO, told in addition to the IFTM Top Resa. «There have been a few attempts in France and we think the market is mature,» says Arnaud Abitbol, Executive Vice President of Marietton Developpement.

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Thomas Cook: Small franchisees don’t want to die, they all fight

The shock wave of the Thomas Cook bankruptcy hit franchised travel agencies hard. The strict liability to which they are legally subject puts at risk, for some, the survival of their company. For these small entrepreneurs, their jobs and those of their employees are in danger. Since 23 September, passers-by have discovered: «not concerned by bankruptcy», «independent agency». At Arbois Tourisme, in the Jura, we have «covered the sign with our commercial name, customers come to Arbois before going to Thomas Cook». Quotidien du Tourisme

Thomas Cook: 500 hotels will close in Spain

Nearly 500 hotels could «immediately» close in Spain due to the bankruptcy of British tour operator Thomas Cook, according to the President of the Confederation of Hotels and Tourist Accommodation. «The situation could get worse if the government does not take immediate action,» warns Juan Molas.

According to Juan Molas, whose organization represents 15,000 companies in the sector in Spain, the unpaid bills left in the country of Dali by Thomas Cook could exceed the initial estimate of 200 million mentioned by the sector. «It will be much more. The amount for only eight hotel chains is close to 100 million,» he says. Echo Touristique

Marietton Développement takes 42.5% of Bleu Voyages

Laurent Abitbol’s group buys a significant part of Selectour Bleu Voyages to strengthen its position in business travel. The group acquires a 42.5% stake in Bleu Voyages. This was confirmed by Laurent Abitbol, President of Marietton, and Jean-Pierre Lorente, CEO of Bleu Voyages, in the margins of the IFTM. A letter of intent has been signed. The final agreement will be initialled in about a month,» added Laurent Abitbol. «It’s an industrial merger,» he commented.

The sale of 42.5% of the share capital was partly due to the departure of a shareholder, Gérard Luret, business travel director of Bleu Voyages. An increase in participation is not excluded. Selectour Bleu Voyages posted revenues of €217 million in 2018, including 78% in business travel. Echo Touristique

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