Informe semanal de noticias del mercado francés de la Oficina de Turismo de Tenerife en París

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Instagram will open a pop-up store in paris

In order to promote its «Shopping» functionality, Instagram will open its first pop-up store in Paris, rue des Archives (1st district), on Thursday 4 July from 10am to 9pm. For this event, the social network selected ten «engaging and committed» brands: Faguo, Jimmy Fairly, Make my Lemonade, Cut by Fred, Manucurist, Meuf Paris, Nouvel Amour, Mathilde Cabanas, Rive Droite Paris and My Travel Dreams. T-shirts, bags, necklaces or turbans, the brands will put on sale a new product, created for the occasion, on their Instagram accounts via the platform’s transaction tool. «With this new and exclusive collection, we are celebrating brands and Instapreneurs who engage with their community by offering them a new kind of e-commerce experience,» says a statement. Stratégies

Destinations: the tops and flops of winter 2018/2019

From November 1, 2018 to April 30, 2019, tour operators who are members of the Syndicat des entreprises du tour operating (Seto) took 2,363,855 customers on trips (+5.5%). However, the number of package holidays sold is down with 1,430,358 customers (-3.4%), for a business volume of €1.703 billion (-4%). On the Destinations side, it is the game of musical chairs between the most emblematic destinations in the industry in France. The Canaries, which benefited from the period of instability in the southern Mediterranean, remain in first place among the best-selling medium-haul destinations this winter, despite a sharp decline with 115,832 customers (-15%). Spain lost third place in the ranking to Tunisia, which attracted 51,823 customers (+31%). Morocco (+10%), Turkey (+9%) and above all Egypt, with 49,032 customers (+140%) redistributing cards in the medium-haul segment, slightly up overall (+2.8%). «Most of the destinations in decline are those that have benefited from the carry-over effect observed in recent years,» notes René-Marc Chikli. The greed of hoteliers, and the sometimes excessive rates that result from it, penalize these destinations, according to the Seto. Echo Touristique

Summer 2019: the top 10 most popular destinations

As for the winter season, it is the French social and political context that is being pointed out, creating a «crisis of confidence» among consumers. Tunisia, with 80,820 customers (+23%), Morocco, with 68,639 customers (+2%) and Turkey, with 46,232 customers (+59%), are the only three growing destinations in the ranking of the 10 most popular destinations. Greece, in the islands (105,245 customers) or on the mainland (92,709), dominates the ranking, despite significant decreases in attendance. Sales to the Balearics (-13%), the Canaries (-14%) and the mainland (-13%) confirm Spain’s reform. Echo Touristique

How Airbnb tackles the luxury market

Airbnb Luxe does not start from a blank page, but relies on the know-how of Canadian Luxury Retreats, a platform for the rental of residences and concierge services acquired in 2017. More than 2,000 homes worldwide are united under the Url Each of them satisfies «a strict evaluation based on more than 300 design and equipment criteria», the press release continues. Travellers can choose a castle in France, a villa in Tuscany or Mexico (at €3,074/night for 9 rooms). In 2018, the number of Airbnb bookings for accommodation charged at least $1,000 per night jumped by more than 60%. And according to analysts, the luxury travel market, worth more than $200 billion, is set to grow in the coming years, adds the Californian giant, who intends to take its share of the cake. Echo Touristique

Where will the French go this summer according to Tripadvisor?

4 out of 5 French people will go on holiday this summer (80.2%). The 3 criteria for choosing a destination for the French are: the interest in discovering a destination through culture, visits, monuments (21%), climate (15.7%) and price (12.7%). Corsica comes first, followed by Mallorca, Crete, Sardinia, New York, Marrakech, Santorini, Sicily, London and Paris. In addition, we learn that 56.3% will go to the seaside, ahead of urban weekends (20.3%) and the countryside (12.2%). Quotidien du Tourisme

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Eurowings withdraws from the long-haul market

Eurowings’ service offer was popular with travellers compared to other low-cost airlines such as Ryanair, Easyjet and Wizzair. The Lufthansa group was not satisfied with Eurowings’ latest financial performance and today, on the occasion of Financial Analysts’ Day, a recovery plan was announced. We do not know the details, but we know that Eurowings will now focus on point-to-point short-haul routes and that its long-haul routes will be transferred to the group’s other airlines: the company operated flights to many destinations including Thailand and the United States. Business Travel

IAG announces its intention to purchase 200 Boeing 737 Max

While the aircraft has still been grounded since the Lion Air and Ethiopian Airlines accidents, and its return to service prospects are still uncertain, the IAG group (British Airways, Iberia, Vueling, Aer Lingus…) has announced its intention to build its future fleet with the Boeing 737 Max, up to 200 units. Although Boeing’s aircraft is still in an unprecedented area of turbulence, the IAG Group has decided to place a pre-order. This acquisition concerns Boeing 737 Max 8 and Max 10 aircraft. These new aircraft will be deployed in all International Airlines Group companies, including Vueling and Level. Quotidien du Tourisme

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Selectour: Focus on Israel for the next congress

After Dubai in 2018, Israel will host the next Selectour Congress, from 5 to 8 December 2019. More than 500 participants are expected to attend this key end-of-year event, which brings together travel agencies, partners and a few «people». The opportunity to comment on the reasons that led the hotel group to abandon its market place. Other major topics are planned: the NDC standard of course, but also the referencing one year after the implementation of the new 2019-2021 contract, the loyalty program. Not to mention the ongoing digital projects, such as a new site – with agencies at the heart of the customer journey – and a mobile application. Echo Touristique

Edreams Odigeo: 2018 key figures for the French market

The European group that heads Go Voyages, Opodo and Liligo has just published its 2018 annual results, which closed on 31 March 2019. What is the overall picture? Total revenue reached €533 million, up 5%. The volume of sales, or total sales, amounted to 4.73 billion, down very slightly from the 4.75 billion observed in 2018. Operating income (adjusted EBITDA) amounted to €119.6 million (+1%), for an adjusted net income of €40.2 million (+25%). The six main markets – France, Spain, Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom and Scandinavia – generated net income of €418.1 million in 2019, a 2% increase compared to 2018. Echo Touristique




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