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The 5 lines on which FlixTrain wants to compete with SNCF

Five draft railway lines were made public on Monday by the Regulatory Authority for Rail and Road Activities (Arafer) as part of the opening up of major commercial passenger transport lines to competition, scheduled for the end of 2020. These projects, all submitted by the German company FlixTrain, concern the Paris-Nord – Bruxelles-Nord, Paris-Bercy – Lyon Perrache, Paris-Bercy – Nice (night time), Paris-Bercy – Toulouse, and Paris-Austerlitz – Bordeaux routes. They total 25 intermediate stops. L’Echo Touristique

Is Turkey’s too slow recovery exclusively political?

After a long period of unrest, Turkey has less media coverage and President Erdogan has received slightly less attention. Enough to boost the destination? Initial reports indicate a good recovery, but far from the figures before the Ankara attack. But how can we explain the slow return of French tourists to a destination they were so fond of in the past? Nevertheless, the recovery seems to be taking shape, to a lesser extent than our European neighbours. According to the figures provided by Valérie Boned, the French people give the impression that they are once again interested in the destination. At the convention in Cappadocia, the Secretary General of the EdV unveiled the barometer adopted in April 2019: «we are seeing a strong recovery, with a 64% increase in passenger numbers and a 70% increase in business volume». TourMag

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Taxes: the National Assembly spares air transport

Socialists, communists, former Ecology Minister Delphine Batho (non-attached) and also 30 «walkers» expected MEPs to vote on a kerosene tax on domestic flights. The National Assembly on Friday morning rejected their proposals. We know the argument of those who are in favour of taxing air transport, it is «one of the most polluting modes of transport». The Minister of Transport, Elisabeth Borne, considered that it was necessary to have «this reflection on air transport taxation on a European scale». She also stated that it was «possible that air transport could move towards zero-carbon aircraft». Quotidien du Tourisme

The Paris Air Show opens with an ecological and safety focus

Two major topics were invited to the opening of the 53rd edition of the Paris Air Show: climate emergency and security issues. If this new edition of the major world meeting of aeronautics is held under favourable auspices in terms of air traffic growth, with a doubling of the aircraft fleet in the world which in 20 years, some subjects are now unavoidable. Faced with the rise of flight bashing, technological advances in terms of propulsion, alternative fuels to kerosene, construction materials or futuristic aircraft shapes are at the heart of the challenges. L’Echo Touristique

Air France Hop: which lines could be cut?

Victim of competition from high-speed trains and low-cost carriers, the Air France group’s short-haul business will undergo a major restructuring, between fleet rationalisation, route closure and frequency reduction, in addition to the voluntary departure plan already announced. The worried Hop pilots are asking for their integration into Air France, and a strike notice could be given. The latter thus foresees a 15% reduction in short-haul activities between 2018 and 2021, with loss-making lines closed from Orly: Lorient, Agen and Quimper. TourMag

Skytrax: the top 10 best airlines in 2019

Airline executives attended Tuesday’s presentation of the 2019 World Airline Awards, which take place each year at the Paris Air Show. For the fifth time since the creation of this award in 1999, Qatar Airways has been named «the best airline in the world». The company also wins awards for the best business class in the world, the best business headquarters in the world and the best airline in the Middle East.

World’s best airlines

1.     Qatar Airways

2.     Singapore Airlines

3.     ANA All Nippon Airways

4.     Cathay Pacific

5.     Emirates

6.     EVA Air

7.     Hainan Airlines

8.     Qantas Airways

9.     Lufthansa

10.  Thai Airways

World’s best low-cost airlines

1.     AirAsia

2.     easyJet

3.     Norwegian

4.     Southwest Airlines

5.     AirAsiaX

6.     Jetstar Airways

7.     WestJet

8.     Indigo

9.     Ryanair

10.  Eurowings

L’Echo Touristique

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Tourism sales: why TUI will strengthen its direct sales site

If the German group’s strategy in terms of products is to build a real hotel chain, in terms of marketing, it becomes obvious that TUI will considerably strengthen its direct sales, particularly via its website The site will also benefit from new sections to face the increased competition from online agencies. The group chairman had already announced it. The online platform will benefit from new sections including the flight portal, TUI Cars and TUI Camper car and motorhome rental offers, TUI holiday home rentals and all TUI Tours excursions. No less than 150,000 products (tours and activities) can be booked directly by customers. La Quotidienne

Tailor-made: with its local agencies, bynativ wants to send 8,000 people away this year

Created in 2012, with its own platform for two years, bynativ, an offshoot of Comptoir des voyages, is making its way into the tailor-made niche. Today, this young company, which brings together a community of travel agencies in 45 countries, sent 6,000 people last year and aims to send 8,000 this year. bynativ also plans to expand internationally. For those who are looking for an original and personalized trip, off the beaten track, bynativ is for them. «The travel agencies we rigorously select are all local and the advisors, all French-speaking, who compose them are native speakers or expatriates,» summarizes Elodie Colomb, Director of Production and Marketing, who insists above all on the contribution of these advisors, «in line with today’s reality» and able to deliver «good tips, small addresses and anecdotes that we will not find in a guide». Quotidien du Tourisme

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