Informe semanal de noticias del mercado francés de la Oficina de Turismo de Tenerife en París

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Paris: the BHV Marais department store is putting on the Portuguese colours

A favourite destination for sunny days, Portugal unveils its creativity and the richness of its artistic, craft and culinary heritage in the Parisian department store until 25 June. Portuguese brands, designers and artists will take up residence here, which will offer an exclusive range of decoration, tableware, cooking, delicatessen, accessories and fashion. As part of the «Under the Sun of Portugal» campaign, the Galeries Lafayette Voyages network, in partnership with the BHV Marais, the Portuguese Tourist Office and the company Vueling, is organising a major competition in 12 branches of the network throughout France. Quotidien du Tourisme

Peru: a new communication campaign to attract European and South American tourists

Peru wants to attract more European visitors (France, Germany, Spain), but also from Latin America (Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Ecuador, Argentina). To do this, the destination has just launched a new communication campaign on Facebook. This operation, the video of which was published on the Facebook Visit Peru page, is the first in a series, set up from May 4 to 14, 2019, as part of the «Message in a suitcase» promotional campaign. «Launched simultaneously in several countries, it aims to attract travellers from France, Germany, Spain, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Ecuador and Argentina,» PromPerú said in a statement. Countries that represent 50% of international tourists to Peru in 2018. TourMag

The TOP 30 of the most visited travel sites

With nearly 13 million unique visitors in March, is back at the top of the list of the most visited travel sites in France. However, it is closely followed by, which has 12.83 million unique visitors. An achievement for a site that offers (almost) only hosting, as Jean-Pierre Nadir, founder of Easyvoyage, points out. Tripadvisor ranks third with just under 10 million unique visitors. TourHebdo

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Airline tickets: Easyvoyage launches a reverse search comparator

For Easyvoyage, it is often the price of the trip that is the trigger for departure, especially for the Millennials. In order to respond to this trend, the infomediator now offers FlightDeal, a «good deal detector» that competes with good deals sites. «Today, it is the very research model that is being reinvented,» explains Jean-Pierre Nadir, founder of Easyvoyage, in a statement. We have gone from a classic Destination model associated with a Date to a Ni date, Ni destination model. Every traveller is first and foremost on the lookout for the right opportunity. » L’Echo Touristique

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France – Jean-Pierre Mas on Europe1: summer is looking «very very good».

Asked about the Easter holidays, Jean-Pierre Mas indicated that departures were at the same level as last year. He also pointed out that a large number of French people had stayed in France for their holidays and also around the Mediterranean. On the other hand, they went a little less on long-haul trips than last year. Over the summer, the president of Les Entreprises du Voyage announced that he was presenting himself «very very well». According to him, the departure intentions of the French this summer are «in very strong increase (+8%)», an increase that even seems «abnormal…». Quotidien du Tourisme

Summer bookings up 5% among French TOs

In turn, René-Marc Chikli, President of the Seto, spoke on Wednesday morning on Europe1 to comment on current events in the sector. He announced a 5% increase in bookings among French TOs, compared to last year, which was an «exceptional» year (+10%). According to him, there was «restraint on the trip for a number of years» linked to the low morale of the French. But today, things are better because they «want to travel again, both long and medium-haul». If they leave for a shorter period, they leave more often, «on average 5 times for those who go to France and 2 times for those who go abroad». Quotidien du Tourisme

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