Informe semanal de noticias del mercado ruso de la Oficina de Turismo de Tenerife en Moscú

Ural airlines canceled all flights to Paris and Nice

Ural airlines will cease operating flights to Paris and Nice on May, 18, because of the French aviation authorities decision, who consider Zhukovsky the fourth Moscow airport, all quotas of which have been selected for these two routes.

Fewer Russian tourists go to Crete

Tourist flow from Russia to Crete decreased by 26% (7 thousand people) in April as compared with April 2018. But all the conclusions about a bad season in Crete are not correct. This year most charters were planned for early May and therefore spoiled the statistics for April. Meanwhile, the results of early booking of tours for the summer season are comparable to 2018 year results.

Sales to Crete were active earlier this year, and then slowed down. Ambotis Holidays noted «We think the reason is the delayed demand and hope to pick u the numbers later in the season».

Russian travel agencies may be united in the register again

Russia will create The Unified Federal Register of The Travel Agencies. The document is being agreed in The Main Legal Department of The Government of The Russian Federation. It’ll be published in June. The register will operate like The Unified Federal Register of The Tour Operators.

The changes in the regulating documents were discussed during the XII conference of The World Travel Agents Association Alliance, which took place in the Turkish Beldibi, Antalya region.

Rover cruises are on the rise

About 90 thousand passengers were transported along the rivers of Central Russia in May

The beginning of the cruise season in Central Russia started successfully. Even the first results showed an increase in passenger traffic by 15%.

About 74 thousand people were traveled along the rivers of Central Russia during the long holidays.

This phenomenon was facilitated by many factors – sales activity during the early booking period, the activity of the regular customers, the long duration of the holidays and warm weather in Central Russia.

More than 87 thousand people, including passengers of cruise liners and city boats, were transported along the waterways of the Moscow basin (about 4 thousand km in 12 regions of Russia).

Data of travel agencies and their customers found in the public domain

DeviceLock detected database open. Now it is closed, but experts found open access to had logins and passwords of several hundred travel agencies connected to the system, which allowed access to the passport data of the customers and information about the tickets, as well as 11.7 thousand client e-mails.

The General Director of the service denied the information and said that the data did not contain passport data of tourists, logins and passwords of travel agencies, payment data, etc.




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