Informe semanal de noticias del mercado ruso de la Oficina de Turismo de Tenerife en Moscú
Sukhoi Superjet 100 flights are cancelled

Aeroflot airlines cancelled 10 pair flights of Sukhoi Superjet 100 on May 9th and cancelled or delayed five flights due to onboard fault on May 7-8th.

The experts suggest that Aeroflot airlines cancels flights because its pilots may be guilty of the plane crash. Perhaps such actions allude to its version of the crash, Aeroflot insists that it’s not the crew’s fault, but equipment refuses.

Ural airlines charter flight to Nice was banned

The French air authorities banned Ural airlines from operating charter flights from Zhukovsky Moscow airport to Nice. The flight from Moscow to Nice through Kalyga will become the last Ural airlines flight in this direction on May 16th. Now Ural airlines offers its passengers (who have bought the tickets) a full refund or the tickets or a free flight to Montpellier.

The issue with the admission of Ural airlines on charter flights to Paris is still not settled.

Russian government will pay tour operators for incoming tourists from 10 countries

On My 7th Russian government approved the rules for granting subsidies to support tour operators and agencies which ensure an increase in the number of foreign tourists visiting the Russian Federation.

Russian tour operators can receive subsidies according to increase in inbound tourist traffic from ten target markets – Germany, Israel, USA, France, Italy, Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Republic of Korea, Spain, Japan and India.

7 tourists were killed in an avalanche in Altai

9 tourists came from Novosibirsk and went to the mountain route in Altai. The group was overtaken by an avalanche when they climbed South Chui Ridge on May 6th, seven of them were killed.

The demand of Russian tourists for sea cruises from Miami has increased

Despite the difficulties of Russian tourists to get USA visa, the demand for PAC Group cruises from Miami increased by 10-15% this year. The opportunities of the cruises tour operator’s clients will be expanded thanks to PAC Group’s strategic partner – MSC cruise company.

Capri imposed a strict ban and fines for plastic dishes

Capri banned tourists from using disposable plastic utensils and packaging. The ban applies to any cookware and packaging made of not biodegradable plastic. Any tourists caught with a plastic bottle or having a plastic plate etc. will be fined up to 500 EUR.



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