Informe semanal de noticias del mercado francés de la Oficina de Turismo de Tenerife en París

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Airbnb is evolving its business model towards a global tourism

Airbnb is currently providing the media with a wealth of information: between buying properties in New York, or transforming offices into apartments, Airbnb is turning to a «serviced apartment» model. Other new features: the platform is launching mobile home accommodation in Ibiza, and also wants to launch a video platform. It should not be forgotten that Airbnb is expected to go public this year or in 2020. «We’ll be ready a little later this year and from that point on, you could see us,» Brian Chesky (photo of Une) said a few weeks ago on CNBC, in response to a question about the timing of a possible Airbnb IPO. La Quotidienne

France relies on cinema to promote the destination

Atout France and UniFrance are surfing on the opening of the Cannes Film Festival to launch a promotional campaign around French cinema and promote French culture abroad. Three video clips featuring some of the most beautiful sequences of contemporary French cinema will be broadcast on events in which Atout France and UniFrance take part, such as trade fairs, festivals, film markets and any operation intended for the general public and specifiers, under the slogan «Love French films? Now live them! ». TourMag

Summer destinations: winners and losers

The summer of 2019 should be a satisfying year, say Les Entreprises du Voyage and Seto unanimously. Bookings for the months of July-August are even reported to date at +5% compared to last year. If Tunisia, Turkey and Egypt take their place again, Spain, Greece, Portugal… lose a little of their superb. In long-haul, the United States is not expected to make a significant impact this year. TourHebdo

International tourist numbers in France in the first quarter of 2019 at half mast

France, the world’s leading tourist country? Director General of the Protourism firm, Didier Arino was already doubtful last summer. Protourisme is publishing today a study on tourist attendance in the first quarter of 2019 and supports where it hurts. Whether or not the effect of Yellow Vests, international customers were down 5% in the first quarter of 2019. A figure that rises to 10% for «long-haul» customers, the main target of French tourism (China in the lead). In the first line, the Parisian luxury hotel sector, which fell by 13% and the high-end hotel sector by 6%. In addition to Paris, Bordeaux, Nice and Toulouse are also particularly affected by this decline. Hotel & Lodge

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Faced with low cost, Air France cuts its French network

On Monday, May 13, 2019, Air France’s management officially presented its workforce reduction plan to a central social and economic committee, in response to the €303 million loss recorded in the first quarter of 2019. And above all to the €189 million recorded in 2018 by its subsidiary Hop! Because, as expected, it is the national network, split between Air France and Hop! which is paying the price for this cup, with a 15% drop in flight plans in three years. The main cause: the expansion of European low-cost airlines in France. TourMag

To everyone’s surprise, Thierry Antinori leaves Emirates

Thierry Antinori, Emirates’ Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), has left his position with immediate effect, according to several Arab media reports. His successor is Adnan Kazim, so far Divisional Senior Vice President, Strategic Planning, Revenue Optimisation and Aeropolitical Affairs. The Frenchman had spent many years with Air France and Lufthansa before joining the Dubai carrier. About Travel

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USA-Canada: FTI launches a tailor-made travel tool, FTI360

FTI Voyages complements its à la carte and tailor-made services in the United States and Canada. In addition to the «expert» team available by phone, the TO launches FTI360. The tool allows you to create a stay from a pre-recorded route. FTI announces «more than 120 available». Travel agents can also build a unique itinerary «with the help of tips and advice provided» such as destination descriptions, hotels and photos. Quotidien du Tourisme




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