Informe semanal de noticias del mercado francés de la Oficina de Turismo de Tenerife en París

  • Top 20 travel sites: Booking is at the top

Booking is still at the top of the travel sites in January on the French market. This is what emerges from the ranking based on data from the Médiamétrie audience research firm. The leader in hotel reservations posted 12.15 million unique visitors in January 2019.

  • L’Echo Touristique

ITB Berlin: the world’s largest tourism fair in 5 trends

The world’s largest trade fair for tourism professionals, ITB Berlin, closed its doors on Sunday, March 10, 2019, after 5 intense days. A true barometer of the sector, this year it was the opportunity to assess the health of the global tourism industry and to observe the major trends that are affecting it. This year, we are seeing the return of Egypt, but also of Turkey and Tunisia, and Asia is increasingly impressive. Tour operators for the general public are slowly giving way to DMCs and agencies positioned on tailor-made travel. On the transport side, while most of the world’s major airlines were present in Berlin, they were generally very discreet, without being overly lavish. TourMag

Opodo/Raffour 2019 Barometer In 2018, 66% of French people went on holiday

In 2018, 66% of French people aged 15 and over went on leisure trips, i.e. +2 points compared to 2017. This record was driven by an increase in short commercial stays, particularly «city breaks», with 20.6 million French people leaving during the year, or 38%. A 5 point increase compared to 2017, partly due to «the democratization of low-cost transport modes», explains Benoît Crespin, Managing Director of Opodo France. This is despite the 41-day SNCF strike, the World Cup and the movement of yellow vests at the end of the year. When preparing the trip, 79% of the 35.5 million French people who left in 2018 said they had consulted at least one digital platform to prepare their trip.

  • Airline news:

Air France and Atout France strengthen their partnership

On Monday, March 11, Patrick Alexandre, Deputy Managing Director of Air France-KLM, Sales, Sales & Alliances, and Christian Mantei, Managing Director of Atout France, signed a partnership agreement to strengthen the joint actions of Air France and Atout France to promote the French destination. The agreement thus provides for several joint promotional and information actions highlighting the diversity of the French tourist offer with the aim of developing tourist flows to the various French destinations while strengthening the service offered to Air France customers. Quotidien du Tourisme

Goodbye Orly South and Orly West, hello Orly 1-2-3-4!

From March 19, 2019, Orly South, Orly West, it will be over! There will be 4 zones, named: ORLY 1, ORLY 2, ORLY 3, ORLY 4. The former Orly West will now be ORLY 1 and ORLY 2, the junction building in the centre will be ORLY 3, and the former Orly-Sud will become ORLY 4: «Clearer, simpler and easier to read for passengers, this new name is the preliminary step to transforming the airport into a single terminal», explains its manager Aéroports de Paris (ADP). Air Journal

No more Boeing 737 max landing in Europe

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) decided on Tuesday to close European airspace to Boeing 737 MAX 8 and 9, two days after the crash of an Ethiopian Airlines aircraft of the same family, it announced on its website. It states that all flights of these aircraft, whether to, from or within the European Union, European or third country operators, will be suspended «from 7pm GMT». Echo Touristique

  • Tour operator news:

TUI Sensimar and TUI Family Life become TUI Blue

The TUI group announces great ambitions for its hotel brand TUI Blue. The number of hotels will increase from the current ten to about 100 by 2020. TUI Sensimar, TUI Family Life and TUI Blue will be combined from summer 2020 under the TUI Blue brand. In addition to TUI Blue, TUI Group’s growth strategy will continue to focus on the famous RIU brand, the two club brands Robinson and TUI Magic Life and the five-star complexes grouped under the TUI Sensatori brand. Quotidien du Tourisme

Lidl Voyages: 35,000 customers in less than two years

Launched in September 2017, the online agency Lidl Voyages, through its 40 tour operator partners, announces that it has already served more than 35,000 customers to some 100 destinations. 70% of sales were made directly on the agency’s website and 30% via its call centre. Tunisia, Spain, Egypt, France and China are the Top 5 most popular destinations. Stays abroad represent 67% of Lidl Voyages’ business, 56% of which are in medium-haul destinations (less than 5 hours away) such as Tunisia (+82% of customers in 2018), Egypt, the Canary Islands, Spain and the Greek Islands. Sicily (+18%) and Morocco (+15%) also attracted more travellers. Most of the trips are made between April and October, with a preference for club and/or individual formats. Quotidien du Tourisme

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