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  • Market trends/Destination news:

Spain: Tenerife broke records in 2018

Tenerife announces a record attendance in 2018, with more than 5.8 million tourists. This is a new record for the island. Tenerife welcomed more than 5.8 million tourists in 2018. The tourism sector generated more than €4 billion for the island, 169 million more than the previous year. In 2019, the island remains attentive to political developments, particularly Brexit. TourMag


Train tickets that will be a hit?

How to compensate for the closure of SNCF ticket offices in certain stations? When questioned by BFMTV, Guillaume Pepy delivered some tracks. While the SNCF shops will be closed «gradually», the head of the SNCF has indicated that he wants to «maintain sales in the station», especially in the larger ones. Next week, the sale of train tickets in tobacco shops will be discussed. SNCF is already experimenting with ticket sales at mobile ticket offices in the markets and is working with La Poste and local authorities to diversify its distribution channels. La Quotidienne


TourHebdo reveals the favorite TOs of travel agents

Among the top 20 French TOs (generalists and specialists), the winner was Exotismes, cited by 214 respondents out of 442. The TO from Marseille, champion of techno, is undoubtedly reaping the benefits of his investments. However, it is closely followed by Asia, whose best assets are its brochures, which are considered very successful and its high value-added production. Kuoni closed the podium ahead of Fram and Jet tours. TourHebdo


  • Airline news:

Air France: Transavia, the big winner of Benjamin Smith’s manoeuvres?

While the Air France-KLM group’s low-cost business had a historic 2018, the management wants to pursue its development in 2019, aiming for further double-digit growth. This expansion will involve the purchase of new aircraft, and therefore agreements with the SNPL. In 2018, the low-cost subsidiary achieved historical figures, with growth of 12.2% and a record net profit of €139 million, up 17.8%. TourMag


Airline tickets: MisterFly ensures refunds without proof

It’s a service that’s going to make a lot of noise: MisterFly makes all tickets refundable, without cancellation insurance, in B2C only. A service that is expensive, but which could be extended tomorrow to agencies, under certain conditions. In order to find new growth drivers, MisterFly has made them highly flexible, with «Free Flex», a cancellation service without any reason or justification to provide, included in all flight tickets since February 15. «This service has never been offered by any travel agency, it is a pure MisterFly exclusivity,» says the company, which has sales of 347 million euros in 2018. L’Echo Touristique


easyJet unveils 7 new lines in France

easyJet continues to deploy more and more lines from France, with its 7 new routes, including the first domestic one, the company reaches a total of 280 lines. And these connections will leave from the airports in the west of the country, and mainly from Nantes. The opening of the base in the capital of the Loire-Atlantique will support this growth. From summer 2019, the people of Nantes will be able to head to Catania, Ibiza, Olbia, Bari in seasonal mode and Tel Aviv all year round. TourMag


Air France- KLM: why is it turning sour?

We knew the strained relations between the management of both Air France and KLM. Benjamin Smith, the group’s CEO, wanted a seat on the KLM board of directors and Pieter Elbers, the CEO of KLM was in the spotlight, his term expiring in April. A compromise had just been reached, Ben Smith joined the board and Pieter Elbers remained in charge of KLM. But last night, the Dutch Minister of Finance announced that his country had quietly acquired nearly 12.68% of the shares of the AF-KLM group (double what it had previously owned). The deal led to the Air France share on the Paris stock exchange, which lost some 12% yesterday alone. La Quotidienne


  • Tour operator news:

FTI Voyages launches into mass market clubs

To move up a gear, FTI Voyages is betting on clubs. And TUI, FRAM and others will have to face a new challenger. After the Privilege Clubs reserved for CSP + customers with exclusive services, the tour operator is launching «mass market» clubs called Club FTI Voyages. For the summer season, the subsidiary of the 4th European tour operator (TO) is launching 3 addresses: the Club FTI Voyages Muskebi in Bodrum in Turkey, the Club Makadi in Hurghada in Egypt and the Club Les Dunes d’Or in Agadir in Morocco (the latter also in Privilege Club formula). TourMag


Winter holidays 2019: at, more departures than last year

For the winter holidays, the online agency notes a 6.5% increase in departures from all zones (zones A, B and C) in France and Europe compared to last year. Focusing on France, France’s leading e-commerce site recorded an 11% increase in ticket sales over the February-March period compared to last year.Last minute purchases are gaining ground again this year: 34% of tickets sold to date were purchased at the last minute (-14 days before departure), an increase of 30.9% compared to last year over the same period. Quotidien du Tourisme


Groups: why competition will (further) increase

While the individual segment is struggling at the beginning of the year, the group market remains buoyant and still vital, especially for committed TOs and club specialists, including highly motivated newcomers. «For a TO who takes air risks, achieving 25% of his activity with groups is a good proportion,» comments Patrice Caradec, President of Alpitour France. This is the ratio on which TUI France, the leader in the segment, communicates and which has been opportunely strengthened thanks to the acquisition of Transat France, continuing to want to push «this war machine». TourHebdo

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