Informe semanal de noticias del mercado francés de la Oficina de Turismo de Tenerife en París

  • Market trends/Destination news:

 SNCF: train tickets now sold on Facebook Messenger continues its development on social networks. While the conversational bot is making its first steps on WhatsApp, it is now possible to book and pay for train tickets via Facebook Messenger. OUIbot also allows you to receive automatic notifications: order and reservation confirmations; TGV Max, Petits Prix, Top Départ or even the quay number 20 minutes before departure. In addition, is taking another step forward in the era of conversationalism by landing on WhatsApp. TourMag

Tourism in Tunisia: at last a minister who knows the business!

Already last year, Tunisian tourism was back in great shape. But for most professionals, the destination should reach a new record. It must be said that Tunisia is fortunate to have chosen a dynamic Minister of Tourism who knows the business well.

There were 8.3 million international visitors to the country, almost 18% more than the previous year. The increase is very significant on the German market with an increase of nearly 52%. For other nationalities, Tunisia received 736,000 French (+7% compared to 2017), 95,000 Belgians (+99%), 94,000 Czechs (+51%), 18,000 Spaniards (+30%). La Quotidienne

  • Airline news:

TUI sells Corsair to Intro Aviation

The Tui Group finally managed to sell Corsair, its subsidiary which, like TUI France, was losing money. The buyer is the German aeronautical group Intro Aviation, a leading specialist in the recovery of airlines in bad times, which it normally puts back on a good footing before selling them to other groups, such as the British DBA or the German LTU. La Quotidienne

Why the Airbus 350 is a hit

The A350’s career seems to be well underway: 48 different customers have already placed orders. Customers are seduced by the many advantages of the new device.

While Airbus has announced the termination of the A380 program due to a lack of sales, orders for its new A350 have been received. Just yesterday, the aircraft manufacturer received an order for 17 aircraft from the new Taiwanese airline Starlux Airlines, while Lufthansa announced in mid-March that it would take an additional 20 A350s. It offers many advantages for airlines and passengers alike, in terms of materials, comfort and technology. TourHebdo

Air France-KLM unveils its programme for the summer of 2019

Air France-KLM has just unveiled its flight schedule for the summer of 2019, with an increase of 2%, including 9.3% for transavia, and 58 new routes. Transavia, the group’s low cost company, will develop its network from all its bases in France (Orly, Lyon, Nantes) and the Netherlands (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Eindhoven) with 28 new routes, including Tenerife. TourMag

  • Tour operator news:

Tailor-made travel: Secrets makes 60% of its sales without brochure

The high-end luxury tour operator Secrets de Voyages is pleased to work with new travel agencies. Entitled «I want happiness», the 2019 edition of its «magazine» announces the 188-page TO promise. The website,, contains more offers than the magazine. The inspiration is thematic: «You & Me», «Urban Culture», «Nomadic Escapes»… The travel agent will not do any online resa but he can use it as a complement to the magazine. «The construction of a tailor-made trip always requires an email or a reservation call,» says Nathalie Bueno. On the results of Secrets, the Executive Director stated that she «has met our objectives for 2018» and «is 14% ahead of the same period last year. » Quotidien du Tourisme

World Experience(s): a new cultural TO specializing in small groups

One of them has worked for Triangle Travel, the other for Blue Ribbon Travel. Guillaume Devals and Arnaud Girodon have just embarked on the adventure of entrepreneurship by creating a new cultural TO specializing in small groups: World experience(s). Specialised in small groups of 6 to 15 people, this new tour operator offers trips based on cultural experiences, oriented towards nature, responsible tourism, adventure or polar lands. While for the time being, Expérience(s) du Monde is only aimed at the general public, the two partners do not exclude in a second phase from turning to B2B. TourMag


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