Informe semanal de noticias Rusia elaborado por la oficina de Turismo de Tenerife en Moscú

Tour operators have announced when it is better to buy tours to Spain

The demand on summer tours to the Spanish coast of the Costa Dorada and the Costa Brava is 20–80% higher than last year.

The main incentive for active early bookings is hoteliers’ promotions. As travel agents say, this year discounts reach 40% (20–25% on average).

S7 Airlines launches flights to Barcelona from St. Petersburg

S7 Airlines on April 28, 2019 opens direct regular flights from St. Petersburg to Barcelona. Flights from Pulkovo Airport to Barcelona will be operated on Wednesdays and Sundays, departing from St. Petersburg at 09:35. The return flight departs at 13:45. Flights will be operated on Airbus A319 liners.

Dmitry Medvedev dismissed the head of Rosturizm Oleg Safonov

The website of the Russian government also says that on Monday, during a meeting with deputy prime ministers, Mr. Medvedev instructed the government to prepare proposals on personnel strengthening of work in this area.»

“To develop the tourism industry, it is important to correctly prioritize and manage money efficiently. The Ministry of Economic Development is more concerned with these issues, so the management authority was transferred there. It is necessary to increase the efficiency of work. I would ask the government apparatus to proposals to strengthen the staffing of this department,” Dmitry Medvedev said at the meeting.

Rosturizm will be headed by Zarina Doguzova

The name of the new head of the Federal Agency for Tourism has been announced: now the department will be headed by Zarina Doguzova, who was the head of the PR & Communications department in the presidential administration.

Rosturizm excluded another 20 tour operators from the register

20 tour operators more were excluded from the Unified Federal Register of Tourism. In January about 90 companies left the market. Such data follow from the Rosturizm orders.

The main reason for the exclusion was the failure of companies to provide information on financial support for the new term. According to experts, the phenomenon is not so rare and tour operators often recover in the register, providing new financial support.

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