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  • Airline news:

Appli : easyJet offers a cabin baggage scan to check its size

easyJet is launching a new feature on its mobile application that allows you to check that your cabin luggage is the right size. The solution uses augmented reality technology to scan cabin baggage and ensure that it complies with the maximum authorized dimensions. The scanner displays a 3D box on the screen which, combined with the phone camera, measures the size of the case. TourMag


Faced with criticism, Air France defends its new subscription card

Since 15 January, the terms and conditions for using the Air France subscription card in metropolitan France have changed, causing some of the company’s resellers to become dissatisfied. Until now, the Air France subscription card has made it possible to book the itinerary of your choice on domestic flights at a single, fixed fare, and to change it free of charge, without any formalities. A well-kept advantage of the Air Inter era, which Air France was among the only ones to offer. The old model did not give the customer a choice. «It was decided that at any point in the life of the flight, open or closed, there would be three classes with different fares throughout, so that the customer would always have a choice. Whether the flight is full or not,» says the manager. L’Echo Touristique


Lufthansa first airline to replace boarding passes with cameras

Thanks to SITA biometric check-in technology, passengers arriving from Miami International Airport to Munich, Germany, on Lufthansa flight 461, can now board with a simple «click» of a camera. This technology has been available since February 1st in place of a boarding pass or passport. Quotidien du Tourisme


  • Market trends/Destination news:


Creation of a Medical Tourism Village on the next IFTM Top Resa

One of the main innovations is the creation of a Medical Tourism Village, «a market in the making and developing very quickly» according to Frédéric Lorin. The manager also stressed the importance of distribution, «a key player at the show». As a result, the traditional Network Village will be located at the heart of the show, between the Cruise Village and the Tour Operators Village. «This is a first,» says Frédéric Lorin. The IFTM Top Resa manager will also set up «thematic routes aimed at bringing visitors as close as possible to exhibitors». When the exhibitors’ area opens, around ten routes will be proposed: Cruises, Sustainable Tourism…» Exhibitors will be able to register for one of these routes and visitors, in small groups of 8 or 10, will be able to choose to follow this thematic route. Quotidien du Tourisme


Trends: towards a «dynamic spring» in travel agencies

In December 2018, bookings made in agencies (physical or online) for winter or spring holidays increased by 18% in number of pax and 6% in business volume compared to the same period in 2018. In the medium-haul segment, the highlight was the return of Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco to favor.

The 2019 sales trends recorded on reservations at the end of 2018 show a tripling of sales in the Pharaohs country, +59% in Tunisia and +17% in Morocco (in number of pax). The average basket is also on the rise. TourMag


In 2018, e-tourism remains dynamic

Despite a slight slowdown in December, e-tourism recorded a 9% increase in business volume in 2018, year-on-year. This is less than in 2017 (+13%), but better than in 2016 (+3%) or 2015 (+4%). Fevad points out that the dynamics of e-tourism last year are part of a context of «good sales performance» for all travel agencies. And for good reason: the business volume generated by offline and online distributors increased by 7% in 2018, according to the Barometer Les Entreprises du Voyage/Gestour/Orchestra. In eighth place, (11.9 million) is the leading brand in the travel/transport category. Next in ninth place Booking, with 11.8 million strong. L’Echo Touristique


Winter holidays: more French people from 2019

The French are more likely to go on holiday during the winter holidays of 2019 than last year, according to the latest Mondial Assistance/OpinionWay barometer. The French will also be more numerous to fly abroad (29% vs. 22% in 2018). «The attraction for sun holidays is stronger in 2019 with 1 in 3 French people who would like to go to the West Indies. On a more local scale, 23% of the respondents would be tempted by thalassotherapy on the Atlantic coast to escape the greyness». The dedicated budget will be €1,116 (+188 euros vs 2018) for longer stays (8 days vs 7 in 2018). In detail, more than a third of travellers will pay more than €1,200 (35%). TourMag


  • Tour operator news: is now converging on WhatsApp

The SNCF’s e-commerce site is taking another step forward in the era of conversationalism with its new chatbot on WhatsApp. The site is thus intended to be closer to its customers, between their professional and personal conversations. The difference is that it is OUIbot, the conversational robot of the SNCF chatbot that answers your requests for information continuously and anywhere. In addition, this multi-function tool searches for trips (in second class and for one person) before redirecting the user to the site to finalize the reservation. Quotidien du Tourisme


MSC (finally?) signs with the Selectour network

It’s signed! MSC joins the Selectour Club, as well as the Asha EIG, after weeks of intense and passionate negotiations. The contract was concluded at the end of the day on Wednesday, February 6. Patrick Pourbaix, head of MSC in France, is delighted about this. «We have finally signed our referencing with Selectour, as well as with GIE Asha». TourMag



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