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The 5 trends that will transform travel in 2019… according to Amadeus

How to meet the requirements of travellers? Travel agencies, tour operators, hotels and airlines are asking themselves the question – almost every day -. Amadeus, the leading technology provider in B2B, carried out introspection and analysis to answer. Five trends will «move our industry in 2019«, according to Gilles Trantoul, Director, Strategy and Transformation, Travel Channels, Amadeus :

– The personalization

– The development of enriched content

– The need to aggregate across all channels

– Better collaboration between travel actors

– The rise of the millennials

L’Echo Touristique

Fairbnb, the ethical and fair version of Airbnb

Created by five European cities in response to Airbnb’s tourism problems, Fairbnb will launch a housing rental platform next spring, part of the profits from which will be used for local development. Online since January, the Fairbnb website has been promoting its project to attract the first hosts of its platform. This should be carried out in the five pilot cities, namely Amsterdam, Barcelona, Bologna, Valencia and Venice. Quotidien du Tourisme

Why world tourism is growing faster than expected

The number of tourists jumped by 6% in 2018, surpassing the 1.4 billion mark two years ahead of schedule. «The growth in tourism in recent years confirms that the sector is now one of the most powerful engines of economic growth and development. It is our responsibility to manage this growth in a sustainable way and convert it into concrete benefits for all countries, especially for all local populations, through job creation and entrepreneurial opportunities, without leaving anyone behind,» said UNWTO Secretary-General Zurab Pololikashvili. «This is why UNWTO will focus on education, skills development and job creation in 2019. » L’Echo Touristique


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Brexit: Are easyJet and Ryanair ready for a «no deal»?

The Brexit will become a reality in 10 weeks, but what reality? With the vote on Wednesday 15 January 2019, the no deal scenario has never been as feasible as it is now. While measures have been taken by the European Commission, there is doubt about British companies that may no longer be able to operate their bases in Europe. TourMag


Transavia launches its gift card with Flightgiftcard

In partnership with Flightgiftcard, a gift card specialist, transavia offers its travellers vouchers to offer to their loved ones. Valid for two years and from 20 euros, the card can be used throughout the low-cost network. And the launch date was not randomly chosen by transavia, it was launched on the 3rd Monday in January, considered the most depressing Monday of the year and called «Blue Monday». TourMag



Where does Corsair fly to? The sale of the French company scheduled for February 2019

While the French airline, heir to Jacques Maillot’s Nouvelles Frontières and now part of the TUI group, has been on sale for several months, an extraordinary committee, held on Thursday 24 January 2019, has not yet decided the issue. A «stand-by» atmosphere enhanced by the announcement, on Wednesday 23 January, of the departure of Pascal de Izaguirre, CEO of TUI France, from his position. On the other hand, the latter retained his functions as Corsair’s boss. TourMag


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How Top of Travel is launching Egypt

Egypt will make its debut at Top of Travel. The announcement was made last Monday by Helmut Stückelschweiger, CEO and founder of Top of Travel. Before integrating Egypt into the programming, the final adjustments are under way. And from winter 2019, Egypt products will be available.In principle, Top of Travel flights are planned to Cairo and Luxor, with the possibility of arriving at one of the two airports and departing from the other. Of course the flights will have departures from France multi-province. La Quotidienne


TUI France: Pascal de Izaguirre leaves his position as CEO

Pascal de Izaguirre is leaving his position as Chairman and CEO of TUI France to devote himself fully to the presidency of the airline Corsair, announces the German group TUI. Following the Board of Directors’ meeting, several operational adjustments were made within the company’s management bodies. Elie Bruyninckx, head of TUI’s «Western Region» division, has been appointed CEO of TUI France instead of Pascal de Izaguirre. A professional in the sector who remains unknown in France. L’Echo Touristique


Greece, Sicily: Ollandini continues its diversification in the Mediterranean

In 2018, the Corsican specialist launched a brochure dedicated to Sardinia and groups. This year, it is launching the brochure «Les îles by Ollandini», which includes its production in Sardinia, and two new destinations: Sicily and the Greek islands.

«After a first approach to Sicily and the Greek islands in the group market, we decided to take the plunge into the individual market by putting our expertise and know-how to work for these new destinations. This brochure illustrates our desire to gradually diversify our production while at the same time taking ever greater care of our offer in Corsica,» explains Jean-Marc Ollandini, the group’s manager. On these destinations, the tour-operator offers tours, self-drive tours, cruises and stays and a wide range of activities. TourMag

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