Informe semanal noticias Francia realizado por la Oficina de Turismo de Tenerife en París

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TUI and Google study: the most searched destinations of the winter

The study reveals both the most sought-after destinations in the market and changes in purchasing behaviour. But the study shows above all that the French, during the winter, are more fond of the sun than the mountains. Indeed, for 25 searches related to a ski trip on Google France, 100 requests concerning winter suns are recorded. Spain (+5%) leads the ranking, followed by Italy (-4%) and Morocco (+8%). North Africa confirms its return to the French tourist scene as Tunisia is in 7th position (+24%), and precedes Turkey (+48%). L’Echo Touristique

Emmanuel Foiry (Kuoni): «2019 should be a sporting year…. »
The year 2018 had begun on a high note for Kuoni France. But repeated strikes and low household morale have significantly slowed the group’s sales. The beginning of 2019, between the movement of «yellow vests» and the arrival of the withholding tax, led Emmanuel Foiry, the president of Kuoni France, to say that «the year should be a sporting one». TourMag

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Airbnb : two million euros fine in Paris

More than two million euros in fines have been distributed to Parisians who do not comply with the provisions for renting their accommodation on Airbnb. In 2018, 156 landlords were called to order because they were in violation of certain provisions such as the rental rule of 120 days maximum per year and per property and the requirement to have a registration number. For its part, Airbnb states that «the figures announced represent less than 0.2% of the guests who share their accommodation on Airbnb in Paris», stating that it has «put in place the necessary measures to ensure that guests respect the rules, and share their accommodation in a responsible manner». L’Echo Touristique


Tourism: The hotel industry is now focusing on the blockchain

The blockchain is far from being a utopia. Some airlines are already using this technology. The German tourism giant TUI is currently using the blockchain internally. But it is the hotel sector that seems to be at the forefront in the use of blockchain. LockTrip wants to put the accommodation sector on the blockchain by creating «the first functional travel service based on the blockchain». The team already claims to offer 100,000 hotels and more than 1,500 holiday rentals worldwide, with an average reduction of nearly 20% compared to other booking sites. La Quotidienne


Croatia acclaimed by French travellers in 2018

Croatia welcomed nearly 600,000 French visitors in 2018, a record number of visitors. Thanks to the development of luxury hotel infrastructure and new airlines from Paris and the provinces, the destination hopes to do even better in 2019. «Our strategy is to develop attendance both before and after the season. We have seen strong increases in April, May, September and October 2018,» notes the Director of the Croatian National Tourist Office. And to maintain this momentum, the destination is counting on the many luxury infrastructures that will be built in 2019. TourMag

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Joon’s integration into Air France: rather good news for professionals

For travel professionals, Joon’s disappearance and the integration of its activities within Air France will make it possible to clarify the offer for customers, who did not necessarily know the company. Lack of notoriety, multiple brands, the disappearance of Joon and the integration of his activities within Air France is rather good news for travel professionals. Indeed, the new brand’s offer for millennials was not always well known to travellers. TourMag


Ryanair terminates its tour operator activity

Launched in December 2016, Ryanair’s tour-operating business was buried by the low-cost company in early January 2019, just two years after its launch. On the Ryanair Holidays website, a brief message informs customers of the cessation of sales. Nevertheless, the current files will be honoured, the group says. A hard blow for the company, which saw itself becoming the «Amazon of the journey». However, since its launch, its tour-operating offer had experienced problems. TourMag

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