Carriers warned of a large-scale crisis in the airline industry

The second largest Russian group of air carriers S7 (combines S7 Airlines and Globus) stated that the Russian air transport industry is on the verge of a massive crisis. A key threat to airlines in 2018 was the rise in prices for aviation kerosene. “The ruble price per ton of jet fuel increased by about 35% per year,” said deputy general director of S7 Group of Companies Dmitry Kudelkin.

«Pobeda» Airlines carries tourists from St. Petersburg to London and Milan

The “Pobeda” low-cost airline’s flight took place on Friday. The “Pobeda” Airlines began to carry out direct transportation of citizens from St. Petersburg Pulkovo to London, Stansted Airport. The workload of the first flight, according to the press service of “Pobeda” was about 84%.

Flights will be operated four times a week on the Boeing 737-800. Flights are scheduled on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Also, flight St. Petersburg – Milan was launched on Thursday. Flight load was 88%.

Tyumen Airport refused to maintain AtlasGlobal flights

Starting from October 10 Tyumen Airport stops operating AtlasGlobal flights. This message was published on the website of the airport on Tuesday, October 9. According to the airport, the carrier has not fulfilled its previous obligations. “The service of this airline will be suspended until full repayment of the debt,” explained an official representative of the Roshchino airport Valeria Yakovleva.

Recall that at the end of last week, for the same reason, the airports of Ekaterinburg and Samara refused to serve the flights of the Turkish airline.

NordWind flights to Thailand and Vietnam in the regions will begin later

The first NordWind flight from St. Petersburg to Bangkok in the winter season will take place not in November, as originally planned, but on January 2. This information was confirmed by Pegas Touristik, the main customer of the carrier’s flights. Optimization of the flight program is associated with insufficient loading of the boards, tourists and travel agents are informed in advance about the change in the schedule, explained the Director General of Pegasus Anna Podgornaya.

A tropical cyclone approaches Canary Islands and Madeira

The tropical cyclone Leslie is approaching the Canary Islands and Madeira. Strong wind and heavy rainfall are expected on October 13-16.Transport restrictions and flight schedule changes are possible.

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