Tour operators announced how the demand for Greece has changed

Crete reported overbooking for hotel rooms till early October according to TEZ TOUR head of Greek office Dimitris Haritidi.  Incoming tour operators and hotels state that the beginning of the summer season was a disaster, however August results were good and September and October bookings are excellent.

Domodedovo: tourist flow to Turkey in the summer season increased by 20%

Domodedovo officials state that the most popular destination for summer travelers is Antalia, followed by Alanya, Bodrum and Istanbul. However the maximum growth of departures was reported for Tunisia this summer, where the tourist flow grew by 68% as compared to last year and reached 144 thousand passengers.

Among the European destinations, a good increase is stated for Germany this summer, the traffic increased by 10% and reached 326k people.

Intourist expands to Qatar

Tour operator «Intourist» announced new package tours to Qatar with daily scheduled flights from Moscow and St. Petersburg to Doha. The first check-ins took place on September 15. The travel industry media state that the new offer is the result of the financial incentive scheme introduced by QTA for the Russian tour operators willing to expand their Qatar offers.

«We want to offer to tourists a new product in the Middle East», – commented the management of the company. Beach and sightseeing tours «Intourist» will be offered first.

Demand for Malta during the summer 2018 grows for 10%

Malta is attracting more and more youngsters with parents or by organized groups for summer schools. The growth was stated by Tourprom feature as a result of several interviews with the agents selling educational tours.

Natalie Tours – no investor to save business of the tour operator

Despite several statements by ex CEO and owner of Natalie Tours, no investor is willing to step in the business strictures of the tour operator and pay off the debt of the company. Travel industry media and forums discussed a few cases when the agents and the foreign partners received a letter signed by Vorobyev introducing the @new owner@ of the outbound travel company  previously worked as part of Natalie Tours group . The letter was saying that the new structure is the successor of Natalie tours contracts and the company will be willing to take the lead for new partnerships and opportunities in foreign markets and send the clients from agents that were working under Natalie franchise.

Three companies are closed and removed from the official register of the tour operators

This week three more companies – Bon Voyage (Бон Вояж ЛТД), Southern Glow (Southern light) and Storbox (СторБокс)  – have lost their tour operator licences for inability to carry put financial obligations. One more company – Premium Travel Group is planned to be removed from the register in October. These companies failed to bring the tourists back to Russia and will be subjected to investigation and litigation to compensate the financial losses of the clients.

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