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TripAdvisor Moves Into A Social Travel Network

The specialist in tourist reviews is transforming its site by taking over the codes of social networks and will equip itself, from the end of 2018, with a new multilingual mobile application. Another new feature is the creation of a travel feed dedicated to travel. Like social networks that are well known to the general public, TripAdvisor now has a data stream that users can scroll through to find relevant information more easily during planning. 500 influencers are working on the beta version of the site to publish travel-specific content daily. These include consumer brands, but also publishers, partners and travel influencers, as well as TripAdvisor Media Group brands. Tom Travel


Who are the millennials with children going on holiday?

Harris Interactive, conducted a study on young families, particularly millennials. We learn that in 2020, they will represent 16 million people in France. They will be 50% of the active population in 2020 and 25% of the CSP+. In addition, in two years’ time, 32% of the millennials will be parents. For 48% of the millennial parents, holidays are a priority, compared to 40% for parents aged 35 and over.  24% of parents spend more than 2,000 euros per person on their holidays compared to 10% of those aged 35 and over. They also go on holidays for longer (about 3 weeks) and more often (3 times). On the other hand, they organize their holidays less far in advance: 29% at the last minute versus 18% for those 35 years of age and over. Quotidien du tourisme


South Korea: OT is full of actions

The Olympic Winter Games had their effects in South Korea, and the French answered the call, with 57,135 (+6.8%) travelling to the Korean peninsula. The Korean National Tourist Office in Paris does not intend to rest on its laurels and wishes to boost the French market, so many advertising campaigns will be conducted: Air France and Petit Futé magazines, but also in the Paris metro from 10 to 23 October 2018. On TV, the Arte channel will devote several reports to the country, as part of its «Invitation au voyage» program. In addition, actions will be carried out with TOs and agencies. Tourmag


Canada showcases Aboriginal Tourism at Top Resa

The Canadian Tourism Office is present at the Paris Trade Show with 25 co-exhibitors. This year, Aboriginal Tourism is present through the Canadian Association. The destination wants to promote this cultural tourism of Canada’s First Nations. «Destination Canada wants to highlight this cultural side of the country that may be less well known,» explains Sandra Teakle, director of the Canadian Tourism Office in France.  We know that the French are curious and appreciate this Indigenous Tourism.» Quotidien du tourisme


French tourists have not abandoned the United States!

The U.S. Department of Commerce yesterday released its attendance figures for 2017. The number of tourists increased slightly (+0.7% compared to 2016) to 77 million visitors. France ranks 9th in terms of issuing markets, with 1,667,506 arrivals from France in 2017. Tour Hebdo


Infography : Discover the key figures of the French travel industry

To be viewed here.


  • Airline news:

Air Austral launches a TV communication campaign

Air Austral is launching a TV communication campaign in Metropolitan France on BFM TV. The 4 spots will be broadcast just after the weather promoting the destinations served by the company in the Indian Ocean: Reunion Island, Mauritius and Madagascar.  Quotidien du tourisme


  • Tour operator news:


Visit Europe presents its novel collection on Top Resa

To assert its position as a «Travel Author», Visit Europe challenges the codes by publishing a unique collection of detective novels in the form of a saga whose puzzles take place in the cities of Europe served by the brand. Printed in limited series, the free books will be sent volume after volume to people who register on the Visit Europe Facebook page. At the end of each novel, readers are invited to log on to a dedicated page to answer 3 questions about the book and try to win a trip to the story site. Quotidien du tourisme


Asia: Guillaume Linton, appointed Managing Director

Following the death of Jean-Paul Chantraine, the company has just reorganized its Board of Directors. Brigitte Chantraine, his wife, Xavier Chantraine and Stéphane Chantraine, his two children, were elected directors. Brigitte Chantraine takes over as head of the Board of Directors. Guillaume Linton, the Group’s Sales and Development Director, has been appointed CEO and retains his sales and development functions. TourMag


Heliades, La Française des Circuits and Soléa organize a joint roadshow

Heliades, Solea and La Française des Circuits are joining their commercial strenghts to meet as many travel agents as possible, during a roadshow that will take place in 18 French cities. From October 2nd to November 6th, they will visit Le Havre, Bordeaux, Angers, Toulouse, Lille, Versailles, Amiens, Grenoble, Brest, Montpellier, Strasbourg, Poitiers, Rennes, Mulhouse, Orléans, Reimps, Dijon et Aix-en-Provence. TourMag

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