• Market trends/Destination news:

The most wanted destinations by the French this summer
In the top 3 most searched countries on Google, the Maghreb is a great success: Morocco leads with
1.7M requests, followed by Algeria and Tunisia with 1.4M and 1.2M requests respectively this summer.
In 4th position is Canada, followed by Croatia.

The French seek to decompress overseas: Martinique and Guadeloupe, respectively in 6th and 7th
position (1M and 800k requests). For more distant destinations, Thailand is experiencing a great craze
this summer with 760k requests. As for Cuba, which has opened up to mass tourism, the island has
730k requests in the summer of 2018. Montreal is the first city, non-­‐European of the top 10 with 49k
searches. It is followed by Bangkok (33k requests), the only Asian city in the ranking. Finally, with 18k
requests, the city of Athens closes the ranking.
• Airline news:
Parisian airports get more traffic in July
Paris Airport traffic was up 3.7% compared with July 2017 with 10.4 million passengers, including 7.2
million at Paris-­‐Charles de Gaulle (+4.2%) and 3.2 million at Paris-­‐Orly (+2.6%). International traffic
(outside Europe) increased by 5.1% due to growth in the following beams: North America (+11.5%),
Asia-­‐Pacific (+5.5%), DOM-­‐COM (+5.2%), Middle East (+3.7%) and Africa (+0.7%). The only beam down
is Latin America (-­‐1.0%). European traffic (excluding France) increased by 3.4%. Traffic in France
increased by 0.9%.
Air France-­‐KLM’s next CEO is going to be an Air Canada executive and French unions are furious
Air France-­‐KLM’s board met on Aug. 16 to approve Smith’s nomination as the company’s next CEO. The
major trade unions representing Air France KLM staff issued a joint statement on Thursday to protest
the appointment of Air Canada President and COO Benjamin Smith as Air France-­‐KLM’s new chief
executive. «Concerning the choice of new chief executive…the trade unions would like to state that it’s
inconceivable that the company Air France -­‐ which has been French since 1933 -­‐ would fall into the
hands of a foreign director,» the unions said in the statement.
Level launches its Vienna -­‐ Paris
The low-­‐cost airline Level has inaugurated a new route between Vienna and Paris, its first to Charles
de Gaulle airport but its fifth to the French capital.
Since August 11th, the IAG Group subsidiary specialising in low-­‐cost flights offers thirteen flights per
week between its base in Vienna-­‐Schwechat and Paris-­‐CDG airport, operated by Anisec with a 210-­‐
seat Airbus A321.
• Tour operator news:
Salaün Holidays and Nationaltours publish their holiday travel brochure 2018/19
Salaün Holidays and Nationaltours have just published their new holiday travel brochure, dedicated to
end-­‐of-­‐year celebrations and carnivals. On 92 pages, it offers new features including: Christmas 2
Markets in Romania in 8 days (Bucharest and Transylvania), New Year’s Eve in Lisbon in 6 days or Italy,
Christmas or New Year in Lapland in 8 days, New Year in New York in 6 days, New Year in Petra in 7
days, New Year in India in 10 days (Jodhpur, Jaipur).
MSC advises families with a content creation workshop
MSC Cruises partners with Luciano Spinelli, YouTube influencer and blogger, to advise families on how
best to immortalize their holidays with photos and videos optimized for online sharing. MSC Croisières
introduces a new workshop to the programme for its entire fleet. Participants will then be engaged in
a team game that tests their creativity, with the goal of producing their own content in an attempt to
win great MSC Cruises awards.

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