The airports of Tenerife Tenerife North and South have been re-opened after being closed since early this morning by the ash cloud caused by the volcano in Iceland.
Tenerife Tourism activated from the first moment its tourist service protocol, which will keep operating while it continues the risk that the ash cloud can return to affect the operations of arrival and departure airspace between the islands and from-to Europe.

Tenerife Tourism Corporation co-jointly with AENA have requested tour operators, hoteliers and transporters before transferring passengers to the airports of Tenerife South and Tenerife North, to contact the airport first.

It is recommended to check with the airports, Aena, regarding the flights programmed today, if there are delays or cancelations with programmed flights on the 11th May 2010:

AENA Customer Centre, have enabled following phone numbers for any flight enquiry concerning the volcanic ash disruption are: +34 922 759 028 and +34 922 759 027

Also Aena has enabled other land line phones to provide information about the operations and possible delays and cancellations: 902 404 704 and +34 91 321 10 00.

The airlines have rolled out a recovery plan with the canceled flights, hoping during midday and afternoon, the main part of the affected passengers, who could not leave or arrive today to the island, will be able to do so, during the day of today.
It is of interest of the local Government Cabildo, Ashotel and APAV that the affected passengers will experience the least discomfort possible.

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