Francia: EasyJet ofrece un escaneo de equipaje en cabina para verificar su tamaño

Informe semanal noticias Francia elaborado por la oficina de Turismo de Tenerife en París.   Airline news: Appli : easyJet offers a cabin baggage scan to check its size easyJet is launching a new feature on its mobile application that allows you to check that your cabin luggage is the right size. The solution uses […]

Francia: Facebook se lanza a las guías de viaje

Informe semanal noticias Francia realizado por la Oficina de Turismo de Tenerife en París Market trends/Destination news: Facebook is launching into travel guides…papers in France! While the guide is currently only available in Bordeaux and Lisbon, Mark Zuckerberg’s teams intend to take Internet users “to the city’s streets, its unusual places, its restaurants and bars, […]

Francia: Las 5 tendencias que transformarán los viajes en 2019

Informe semanal noticias Francia realizado por la Oficina de Turismo de Tenerife en París   Market trends/Destination news   The 5 trends that will transform travel in 2019… according to Amadeus How to meet the requirements of travellers? Travel agencies, tour operators, hotels and airlines are asking themselves the question – almost every day -. […]

Los franceses gastan una media de 2.277 € para sus vacaciones

Market trends/Destination news: The French spend an average of €2,277 for their holidays Tripadvisor publishes the results of its annual TripBarometer study, conducted by the Ipsos MORI Institute among 21,500 travellers worldwide, including 2,254 French. They were asked about their habits before and during their stay. While 17% of travellers worldwide book their stay each […]

El nivel de reservas en Francia aumenta significativamente para 2019

Market trends/Destination news: Jean-Pierre Mas (EDV): “The level of bookings is increasing significantly for 2019!” “2019 is looking good“! Jean-Pierre Mas, President of Entreprises du Voyage, is optimistic. However, he did not lower his guard: IATA, Bercy, over-tourism… the points of vigilance are numerous. “Consolidation is accelerating in France. I see this in a positive […]

Tenerife concluye 2018 con una intensa actividad promocional

Durante el pasado mes de diciembre, Turismo de Tenerife ha llevado a cabo diversas acciones que siguen promocionando y posicionando a la Isla como destino turístico de primer nivel.    Las diferentes acciones de promoción se han llevado a cabo colaborando con agentes de viaje y turoperadores de Japón, Francia, Bélgica y Holanda:   Agentes […]

Fram abre sus ventas para el próximo verano

Tour operator news: Fram opens its sales for next summer A total of 24 Framissima clubs in Spain, Greece, Morocco, Tunisia, the Dominican Republic, Mexico and Cuba are already bookable for the summer of 2019, including several new ones such as the Zita Beach 4* in Djerba (from €390) and the Allegro Isora 4* in […]

Informe mercado francés. Oficina de Turismo de Tenerife en París

Market trends/Destination news:  Tunisia on top but still lacks income More than six million holidaymakers came to Tunisia this year, more than in 2014, before a series of devastating attacks: but while tourism has rebounded, the economic benefits are not following, between mismanagement, competition and difficulty in repatriating foreign currency. La Quotidienne  EDV barometer: Tunisia, […]

Noticias mercado francés. Oficina Turismo de Tenerife en París

  Market trends/Destination news: TripAdvisor Moves Into A Social Travel Network The specialist in tourist reviews is transforming its site by taking over the codes of social networks and will equip itself, from the end of 2018, with a new multilingual mobile application. Another new feature is the creation of a travel feed dedicated to […]

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