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Rapa Nui Polynesia: Extreme Survival

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“Rapa Nui. A lesson for mankind” says Fred Olsen
Mata Foundation Ki Te Rangi and Güímar Pyramids Ethnographic Park have just officially inaugurated the new exhibition «Rapa Nui. Polynesia: Extreme Survival «. Hosting the presentation was Mr. Fred Olsen who was accompanied by the President of the Cabildo of Tenerife, the deputy mayor of Easter Island, the accidental mayor of Güímar and the Consul of Chile in Tenerife.

Sonia Haoa, an archaeologist from Easter Island, was commissioned to show the guests the content of the new exhibition, which is supported by the Chilean National Commission for cooperation with UNESCO.

The exhibition highlights the fascinating responses made by a Polynesian society to ensure their survival in an extremely impoverished environment. This society had to cope with complete isolation, so we can discover how these human beings lived through their daily tasks, tools, art, settlements, beliefs and organization.

Rapa Nui is the most isolated island on the planet and its geographical location means it has unique physical characteristics, with far less biodiversity. It is a place where human beings form risky relationships with the environment. Therefore, this exhibition serves as a present day warning about the effects of man’s destructive actions on the environment.

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