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Rusia apura la regulación de sus operadores y agencias de viajes

Informe semanal de noticias del mercado ruso de la Oficina de Turismo de Tenerife en Moscú

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Tour operators and travel agencies are responsible to enter travel data to electronic information system  

A draft law has been submitted to the State Duma, obliging tour operators or travel agents to enter information about all tour packages into the «Eelectronic information system», starting from April 1st 2020. Operating without using this system threatens with exclusion from state register of tour operators. At the same time, the owner of the Electronic information system, “National Tourism Technologies”, will be allowed to charge a fee from companies forming the tours in the system. The amount will be set by the govern

Airline tickets and tours sales to Mexico is announced

Low prices for flights through Helsinki to Cancun were announced by Air France / KLM. At the same time, the carrier particularly reminds Russian tourists that it is easy to travel from St. Petersburg to Helsinki in just 3.5 hours by the Allegro high-speed train, the same ticket is valid for moving to Helsinki airport. And the cost of a flight ticket from Helsinki to Cancun is just about €419.

Azur Air recognized as unsafe: airline flights maybe limited

According to the results of an unscheduled audit of Azur Air airline, affiliated through the owners with the Anex tour operator, the Federal Air Transport Agency revealed defects in the activities of the carrier’s command and control staff that may affect flight safety. Airline has a strict time limit for the elimination of all defects. If airline doesn’t satisfy all the requirements by November 22, it may subject to restrictions.

Tourists who prefer luxury services reserved tours for New Year to Africa and Asia instead of Europe

The five most popular New Year’s destinations for tourists traveling in business class are almost completely updated. The only one remained point of attraction is Bali. Last year these travelers prefer such destinations as Geneva, Prague, Tel Aviv and Dubai. For New Year 2019 preferences changed to Zurich, Bangkok, Cape Town and Danang. This information is provided by Biletix data. It is interesting that the age of travelers who buy business class decreased by 10 years: this year the age is from 45 to 50, while 26% of bookings are for passengers with children. However, the ticket service emphasizes that in general, sales of business class airline tickets have decreased by 11% since last winter.

Why tour packages to Turkey are not getting cheaper

Prices for tour packages to Turkey continue to remain high. ANEX Tour deputy general director Yana Muromova commented this situation: “It’s not quite right now to estimate prices for Turkey. The season there has ended, and most hotels are already closed, the flight program has been greatly reduced. At the same time, demand is remained. Those accommodation facilities that continued to work take advantage of this and keep high prices”.

Cyprus and Israel will create joint tours for healthy lifestyle, gastronomy and golf tourism

The agreement on the joint promotion of tour packages was signed by Cyprus and Israel. Countries will jointly attract tourists – among the objects of promotion are regional gastronomy, cruise excursions, golf and healthy tourism. At the same time, the target audience of the country is German, Russian and American tourists. The main advertisement of new tourism products will be directed to these markets.

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