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The hotel business is constantly evolving and e-commerce trends are now being transposed to the Hospitality market. Sabre conducted a study to list key trends and provide advice to professionals to continue to innovate. In short, Sabre invites hoteliers to broaden their vision by rethinking their sales offers within their establishments: «Consider them more broadly! «we read. Hoteliers should not be afraid to innovate in order to become «retailers» and offer a new experience to their customers. The (r)evolution is in progress… The study is available here. Tom Travel

How your customers will want to travel in 2020

As every year, has published its study on the major trends to come for the travel market. Want to reduce mass tourism, take more time…. Here is what travellers want for their next stays or trips:

-More ecology: the preservation of the environment is one of the criteria now taken into account when planning a trip.

-More technology: 59% of travellers say they want technology to offer them original options and allow them to live totally new experiences.

-More time and travel: 48% of travellers say they want to extend travel time to their destination in order to reduce their environmental impact.

-More pets: 42% of travellers say they would choose a holiday destination based on whether they can bring their pets, and 49% even say they are willing to pay more for accommodation if it accepts pets.

-More local gastronomy: The most authentic way to discover a destination is also through gastronomy.

-More adventure in retirement: With more time to spend on travel, many future retirees imagine they are leaving to discover new destinations.


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The European Parliament for protection against airline bankruptcies

Following the gigantic bankruptcy of Thomas Cook, the European Parliament is now calling for better protection for travellers. The resolution also requires protection of customers’ money for airlines. With this in mind, the European Parliament now supports the inclusion of protection against insolvency and bankruptcy of airlines in the Regulation. In concrete terms, Parliament proposes that, in future, airlines should be required to secure funds for flights already paid for in advance by customers but not yet carried out via guarantee funds or insurance contracts. An addition could be included in the regulation, according to a resolution recently adopted in Strasbourg. La Quotidienne

Tourism and air transport: The new Low Cost offensive

Traditional European airlines are concerned about the new offensive of «low costs». The latter have indeed reached a point of development on the pure and hard concept «low cost» unlikely to go much further. Most profitable services are now covered. Certainly there are still some small niches left, but the Spanish carrier Volotea is currently occupying them.

However, both Ryanair and EasyJet or Vueling, Wizz Air or Norwegian, have placed massive orders for aircraft. These 5 carriers alone currently have 660 aircraft on order, mainly 320 neo or Boeing 737 Max 320 series Airbus and 5 Boeing 787 long-haul Airbus. These new deliveries will mainly be added to their existing fleets, 991 Airbus and Boeing short-haul and 31 B 787 long-haul. La Quotidienne

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How travel distribution in France and Spain is booming 

If some TOs are suffering, and if we obviously remove the recent industrial accident of the British giant and its French subsidiary Thomas Cook, travel distribution seems to be in great shape. In France, Havas Voyages, one of the largest integrated networks with some 330 travel agencies (and franchisees), is considering increasing its market share through independent sellers. In Spain, two major operators are considering merging to create a giant in tourism distribution. The project would now be to merge Ávoris with Globalia’s two subsidiaries (Halcón and Travelplan). The new group would be 50% owned by Globalia and Barceló (together turnover 2.5 billion) and would compete with Viajes El Corte Inglés (almost turnover 3 billion). La Quotidienne

Fosun (Club Med) acquires the Thomas Cook brand

Fosun is in the process of buying the Thomas Cook brand for £11 million, or €13 million. The Chinese group announces the signing of «an agreement with Thomas Cook Group and some of its subsidiaries (all in liquidation) to acquire the Thomas Cook brand and the Casa Cook and Cook’s Club hotel brands», explains a press release dated November 1. «With a 178-year history, Thomas Cook is the pioneer of modern travel and one of the most famous tourist brands in the world,» he says.

The transferred assets include rights, titles and interests in certain trademarks, domain names, software applications, social media accounts, in most international markets. Echo Touristique

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