Informe semanal de noticias del mercado francés de la Oficina de Turismo de Tenerife en París

  • Tourism industry and Competitors news study: 8 travel trends for 2020

Booking interviewed 22,000 travellers in 29 markets. This is enough to establish the «major» travel trends for 2020, based also on its 180 million customer comments:

1. To less popular destinations

2. Recommendations through digital technology

3. Take the time, instead of running

4. Discover multiple destinations

5. Pampering pets

6. Long live intergenerational stays!

7. The race to book… restaurants

8. Focus on retirement, or rather long-term travel

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IFTM Top Resa 2019: a first positive assessment

This year, IFTM welcomed 34,150 visitors (compared to 34,048 in 2018). An almost stable attendance that satisfies Frédéric Lorin, the show’s director, «considering in particular the difficult economic situation that the profession has gone through with this black September impacting visitors to the travel agency networks». 33% of visitors declare that they came to IFTM Top Resa to «meet or reference potential suppliers or partners», 19% to «find new suppliers or partners» and 15% to «discover new products and market trends» through conferences, talks and exhibitors’ stands. Tour Hebdo

Why the distribution of activities is the next major challenge for tourism

After air travel, hotels and transport, the new digital challenge will be the distribution of activities and excursions. While it is still important to connect all service providers to the world wide web, the digital giants are struggling to win, because on the finish line the prize at stake is huge: 167 billion euros annually. The segment is wide, ranging from skiing to cultural visits and cooking classes. And according to PhocuswRight, 82% of bookings are manual and 80% are made on site. The market represents 167 billion euros, of which only 5% is distributed by OTAs. TourMag

Why Tunisia is (really) coming back to the forefront of the tourist scene

Despite Thomas Cook’s failure, the country is expected to reach 9 million tourists in 2019, including 1 million French. To accelerate the momentum, it intends to diversify its offer and promises a future opening of the sky. All issuing markets are on the rise, starting with the Chinese and Russians. Driven by the opening of many hotel clubs, the French market is not to be outdone and should surpass the million mark this year, even if it is still far from its 2010 record of 1.4 million tourists. TourHebdo

Culinary tourism: preserving its authenticity

Developing a tourism strategy, engaging the community and involving young people: three key actions to preserve the culinary authenticity of a territory, according to a report by the World Food Travel Association, published in 2019. A culinary or gastronomic tourism strategy is a crucial development tool that helps to bring all stakeholders together towards a common objective. According to the WTO and the BCC, the identification, inventory and analysis of stakeholders in the territory’s culinary tourism value chain are considered key steps. These make it possible to identify synergies and networks of interest and create tourism products that will shape the destination’s culinary culture. Réseau Veille Tourisme

  • Tour operators and travel agents news

How the Canary Islands are organised following the bankruptcy of Thomas Cook Voyages

«The Canary Islands, where the high season lasts from October to Easter, were the hardest hit by the fall,» says Francesco Moreno, communications manager of the Lopesan hotel chain, which operates 17 hotels in the Canary Islands. A plan is being developed to boost employment in the hotel and tourism sectors in the municipalities most affected by the Thomas Cook bankruptcy. 300 million would have been provided for affected companies throughout Spain. The Ministry of Tourism of the Canary Islands should allocate two million euros to strengthen the promotion of Canary Islands on its main issuing markets. La Quotidienne

How the Spaniards saved Thomas Cook Belgium

The Wamos group takes over part of the Thomas Cook – Neckerman distribution network and staff. A nice surprise for the employees and for the whole profession. The Spanish group operates from Madrid. Wamos Air is the third largest long-haul airline in Spain, with an air capacity of more than 1,600,000 passengers per year, thanks to its fleet of five Boeing 747-400s and six Airbus 330-200s. Wamos Tours is one of the leading tour operators in Spain with 50 years of experience. Wamos Circuitos offers exclusive tours for Latin American passengers to Spain, Portugal, Morocco and the rest of Europe. It markets its products in more than 20 Latin American countries through its authorized wholesalers. La Quotidienne

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