Informe semanal de noticias del mercado francés de las Oficinas de Turismo de Tenerife en París

  • Tourism industry and Competitors news

Veepee travel takes off internationally

Under the leadership of its General Manager Jean-Baptiste Hoyaux, Veepee’s travel entity is expanding outside France and is now becoming a powerful audience hub for its partners. An acceleration of the model that now gives them access to 8 markets in Europe and a potential 45 million members. With a business volume expected to reach 350 million euros by the end of the year (+17%) with a growing contribution from international markets, travel represents a strong growth driver for Veepee, and is becoming a key player in the industry. La Quotidienne

Lidl Voyages, two years already and 55,000 customers gone

Two years after his first steps in the travel industry, Lidl Voyages announces that it has already sent 55,000 travellers away. While continuing to develop partnerships with TOs, excluding Jet tours, for which it stopped selling last June, the online agency offers a number of new features for the new school year, including the possibility of paying for the stay in several instalments.  In terms of destinations, Tunisia, followed by Spain and Egypt generate the most revenue. In terms of passenger numbers – again not reported – it is France (30% of the total) which precedes Spain and Egypt. Quotidien du Tourisme

  • Aviation news

XL Airways, which is in receivership, is suspending its flights from 3 p.m. on Monday

In suspension of payment, XL Airways was placed in receivership pending the submission of takeover bids. If there are several expressions of interest supported, no firm offer to take over as is has been made. The airline XL Airways, interrupts its flights from 3 p.m. on Monday 30 September and until 3 October inclusive. «In conjunction with the French civil aviation authorities and the bodies involved in the ongoing collective proceedings, in great economic difficulty, XL Airways is unfortunately forced to suspend all its flights,» the company explains on its website. The company made this choice pending, on Wednesday, a decision by the Commercial Court of Bobigny (Seine-Saint-Denis) on a possible takeover.

Aigle Azur: no offer is accepted, activity stops Friday evening

The Commercial Court of Evry (91) has not accepted «any of the takeover offers» of the airline Aigle Azur, which has been placed in judicial liquidation and whose activity will end this Friday at midnight. It was the president of the court, Sonia Arrouas, who just announced it on leaving the courtroom. «No sustainable solution has been proposed by the candidate buyers,» she added. The President regretted the withdrawal or absence of «concrete offers, the lack of financial resources of credible candidates», «the indeterminacy of the source of funds» or «the inadmissibility of certain proposals». Echo Touristique

  • Tour operators and travel agents news

Thomas Cook France files for bankruptcy today

This is the logical consequence of the bankruptcy of its British parent company. Thomas Cook France will today declare itself in suspension of payments before the Commercial Court of Nanterre, and file an application for receivership. «Our lawyers are taking care of it today Friday,» says the director of communication in Paris. The judicial administrator in charge of the case will then be appointed. The court will also set a hearing date, at the end of which it will choose between two options, receivership or liquidation. Echo Touristique

Spain: the Balearics and the Canaries heavily affected by the fall of Thomas Cook

The Balearics, but especially the Canaries, are particularly affected. On the archipelago, as the high season is about to begin, José María Mañaricua, of the Federation of Tourism and Accommodation Entrepreneurs of Las Palmas, fears «a dramatic impact on the Canary Islands tourism sector», in the columns of El Pais. «According to their figures, 60% of Canary Islands tourism comes from tour-operating and Thomas Cook is the second most important in Europe»…

He estimates that between 25,000 and 30,000 Thomas Cook customers are currently in the Canary Islands. For its part, the Canary Islands autonomous government referred to the need to put in place an «emergency plan to respond to the Thomas Cook crisis». TourMag

TUI France wants to transform its traditional TO model

The tour operator, a French subsidiary of the world leader in travel, intends to satisfy the new expectations of its customers, in particular by relying on the dynamic package. A few weeks before the opening of the winter season, the group unveils its production, which has been open for sale since last spring. And, like many tour operators in the club segment, the tour operator is deploying a new concept of animated hotels, called Club Lookéa Exploréa. «This is a consumer demand. We were already offering two atmospheres in our Lookéa clubs (Anim & you and Pause & you, editor’s note), there will now be a third one: Echapp’ & you», explains Serge Laurens, Deputy General Manager of TUI France. Echo Touristique

FTI Voyages doubles the number of its clubs

The tour operator with German accents opens six new clubs in Egypt, Mauritius and the Caribbean. FTI Voyages persists and has been investing in the club segment since last winter, opening six new hotels under its two club brands. Three will wear the Club FTI Privilège colours: the Be Live Collection Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, formerly Lookéa; the Privilège Outrigger Mauritius Beach Resort in Mauritius; and the Privilège Sheraton Miramar Resort El Gouna in Egypt. Echo Touristique

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