Informe semanal de noticias del mercado francés de la Oficina de Turismo de Tenerife en París

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La Plagne (French ski station): the tourist office site has been transformed into an OTA

The tourist office of La Plagne has launched a new version of its website, now including an online travel agency. This new version is online since Tuesday, September 10, 2019. From now on, Internet users can book transportation, accommodation, activities and packages. If the resort’s tourist office becomes a competitor of traditional travel agencies, it also wants to become a producer.

«We also want to be distributed and we have ongoing contacts for that. When we succeed in making products that others do not know how to make, we will export our production,» explained Thomas Saison. TourMag

Study: What are the trends in the tourism market?

TourScanner, the tourism activity comparator, sheds light on the state of the segment and travellers’ booking behaviour. Although the computer is the main booking medium, the study notes a strong growth in mobile phones, particularly for bookings made at destination. TourScanner reveals that many players are trying to position themselves in the third largest segment of the industry, estimated at between $150 billion and $200 billion. View the full study: here. Tom Travel

Destinations: the top 10 cities in the world

In 2018, the top 3 was composed of Bangkok, Paris and London, members of the club of cities attracting more than 19 million visitors each year. In this ranking, based on the Mastercard’s Global Destination Cities Index, Bangkok is even one step ahead, with 22.78 million visitors, supported by the travel of more and more Chinese people visiting the destination. But they are not the ones who promise the strongest growth for 2019. Turkey ranks two of its destinations, Istanbul and Antalya, which should each record an increase of 8.14%, Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, will show an increase of 9.87%, with Tokyo taking the lead at 10.2%. It will be more timid in Dubai (+1.68%), Paris (+2.24%) or New York (+2.94%), the three cities where the increases will be most measured. Echo Touristique

  • Aviation news

Do the «small» French companies have a future?

Behind the giant Air France-KLM, smaller French airlines are struggling on a daily basis to develop in an ultra-competitive sector and, as everyone agrees, burdened by a tax-saturated tax environment.

For Hervé Pierret, a member of the management board of Air Corsica, a healthy company of 13 aircraft celebrating its 30th anniversary, «I can only wish Aigle Azur or XL Airways to find serious buyers, it must be said that the situation is ultra-occupying and that medium-sized companies are having too many difficulties,» he says. Over and over again, with one voice, French carriers continue to question the State, social security contributions, airport costs and a tax-saturated tax environment. TourMag

Takeover of Aigle Azur: 14 offers, but «no executable as it stands».

The French airline and its 1,150 employees still do not know what their future will be like. Many players in the air transport sector could be interested in all or part of Aigle Azur’s business. Air France has thus confirmed that it has submitted an offer, without giving its content in the immediate future. The Dubreuil group, the majority owner of Air Caraïbes, also indicated that it had submitted an offer, without providing further details. Lu Azur, headed by Mr. Houa, already a 20% shareholder in Aigle Azur, announced that he had offered to take over 90% of the business. Echo Touristique

  • Tour operators and travel agents news

Paris region: Kuoni is considering closing agencies

Kuoni surveyed his customers immediately after booking their trips. In the Parisian region, 60% of them did not come to the physical point of sale. These travellers therefore planned everything by phone, by email, or online, until payment. In the two provincial agencies (Lyon and Nice), the situation is totally different: 80% of clients actually went to the agency. These figures make Emmanuel Foiry think, even though distribution costs are rising and margins are falling. «We will not sell our businesses and their customer files,» he warns. But it does not exclude the possibility of giving up doorsteps to other types of businesses (florists, ready-to-wear brands, etc.). The employees concerned could then join and strengthen a TO call centre. Kuoni could also start up branches in the provinces at the same time. Echo Touristique

Aurélien Aufort (Voyamar) : «The behaviour of agency clients has changed»

Voyamar is on track to close a year 2019 with strong growth. «To date, we have achieved revenues equal to the revenues of Voyamar and Ailleurs in 2018,» says Aurélien Aufort, the tour operator’s general manager. The tour operator of the Marietton group can now claim that it has successfully merged with the Ailleurs group, which was acquired in 2012. «We merged in September 2018, and there is still some risk involved. But the results are positive and are reflected in the increase in our sales in the circuit segment, particularly in Europe (+100%)», Aurélien Aufort figure. North America is also on the rise (+15%), as are South Africa, Russia, Portugal and Norway. Echo Touristique

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