Informe semanal de noticias del mercado ruso de la Oficina de Turismo de Tenerife en Moscú

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The demand of Russian tourists for accommodation in Madrid hotels increased by 127%

The Champions League final game, which was held on June 1 in Madrid, aroused a great interest of Russian tourists. So the cost of hotel room per night increased almost four times.

Now the cost of a night stay in a four stars hotel is €454, and €716 in a five stars one. And It is worth noting that the Russian tourists often book 2/3 stars hotels, hostels and guest houses.

  • Destination News

Russia took 16th place in the list of the most visited countries

The world tourism organization (UNWTO) published a rating list of the world’s most popular countries among foreign tourists of 2018. It was headed by France, which was visited by 93.2 million foreign tourists in 2018, and it was 7.3% more than a year earlier. Spain was the second one with 82.8 million index, and the USA was visited by 82.2 million travelers and took the third place.

Russia took 16th place, it was visited by 24,6 million tourists.

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Tour operators from Russian regions opposed mandatory financial guarantees

Russian regional tour operators was going up against the compulsory financial liability insurance, as they used to organize short-term and low-cost bus tours, so the additional costs of compulsory insurance would make a negative affect on the financial position of the companies.

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Russia offered Japan to sign a visa-free agreement

Russia reminded Japan of its long-standing offer to sign a visa-free agreement. ‘…starting with trips that are related to business and tourist purposes…’ – the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov said following a meeting with his Japanese colleague Taro Kono. Now all Russians only must fill a visa application form and submit the passport to get permission to step on the Land of the Rising Sun. Japan plans to introduce an electronic visa system for Russians in 2020.

  • Aviation News 

Russian MPs approved the idea to hold down brawlers with handcuffs in the planes during the flights

The State Duma members approved the legislative act giving the crew of Russian aircrafts the right to use deterrents against the violent passengers on Thursday (May 30).

It is not known yet what kind of self-defense items Russian flight attendants will be allowed to use but the plastic handcuffs have been already approved as a measure of influence on the passengers violating public order.

Etihad Airways announced the new direct flights from Moscow to Abu Dhabi

Domodedovo airport announced the new daily direct flights to Abu Dhabi on May 30, Airbus A320 would start operating in this direction on October 27.

One of the main reasons of the decision was that the Russian tourists flow showed a great increase in the beginning of 2019. 33’600 Russian tourists had visited the emirate for four months of 2019.

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