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El 56 por ciento de los franceses viajará fuera del país en sus vacaciones de verano

Informe semanal de noticias del mercado francés de la Oficina de Turismo de Tenerife en París

56% of the French will go to France this summer 2019

Europeans’ intentions to go on summer holidays (63% or -1 pt vs 2018) are fairly stable according to the Europ Assistance barometer, IPSOS. France is still in the top three, with 69% of French people planning to leave this summer (stable compared to 2018) with an average of 2 weeks (vs 1.8 weeks in Europe). After France, the French prefer Spain (16%, =) followed by Italy (10%, +2 pts) and Portugal (7%, =). TourMag

By managing distribution, destinations relieve hoteliers of the pressure of OTAs

During the National Tourism & Space Meetings, TOM met with Jean Laherrere, CEO of RMD Technologies. The startup has developed a predictive analytics tool to improve the performance of hosting providers’ pricing strategies. It wishes to shake up the codes of this segment by internalizing the competence of revenue management among institutions. An idea that seduced Charentes Tourisme, which has just recruited the first Destination Revenue Management. Tom

The gafa plummet to the stock market due to several investigations

The Judicial Committee of the US House of Representatives announced the opening of an investigation into «competition in the digital market», stating that «a small number of dominant and unregulated platforms have extraordinary power in online commerce, communication and information». The fact that the technology giants are so much in the sights of the American authorities is not really a surprise, as calls for dismantling and all-out criticism against them have multiplied in recent months on both sides of the political spectrum, while the race for the White House for 2020 is already underway. Stratégies

For 16% of French people, the ecological footprint of a trip dictates their choice of destination

In 2019, the summer holiday intentions of Europeans (63% or -1 pt vs 2018) are fairly stable, with very few variations, with the exception of Austria, the grand champion with 70% of the starting intentions (+4 pts vs 2018), and Switzerland (62% or -4 pts vs 2018). France is still in the top three, with 69% of French people planning to leave this summer (stable compared to 2018). With an average of 2 weeks (vs 1.8 weeks in Europe), the French are the European holiday champions (stable compared to 2018). Taking into account the ecological footprint of travel determines the choice of destination for 17% of Europeans. In France, more than one in ten French people (15%) have already engaged in ecological tourism, focusing on discovering and respecting nature, avoiding tourist activities that cause environmental damage (particularly transport). Quotidien du Tourisme

Comexposium launches a trade fair dedicated to long-distance travel

«It is the first high-end consumer show dedicated to tourism,» says Marianne Chandernagor, who will be leading this new event, in addition to the Tourissima, Mahana, World Tourism Exhibition and Destinations Nature. «Le Salon des Grands Voyages» is aimed at people who go away several times a year, who spend more than 3,000 euros per person per trip and who are looking for long tailor-made and à la carte trips such as a round the world trip or a honeymoon. The event will take the form of a workshop and will take place in a cosy, central and premium venue: the Carrousel du Louvre. TourHebdo

Environment : For Air France, plastic is no longer fantastic at all

It was on the occasion of World Environment Day on 5 June, but also in a political-media environment that is largely unfavourable to air transport, that Air France announced its intention to eliminate 1,300 tonnes of single-use plastic used each year on board its aircraft by the end of 2019. Flight AF378, operated on June 5 between Paris and Detroit, is to be used as a full-scale test. Air France has replaced many single-use plastic products offered to customers with items made from biosourced materials: cutlery, cups, sticks… AF378 customers were offered products made from biosourced materials (wood, bamboo, corn starch products) instead of the single-use plastic products usually distributed in flight. Quotidien du Tourisme

Are the French abandoning travel agencies?

The 2017-2018 fiscal year was the best of the decade. Tour operators that are members of the Syndicat des entreprises du tour-opérating (Seto) have recorded the strongest growth in package travel activity since 2007-2008. With a number of customers up 8.6% and a turnover that jumped 7.4% compared to 2016-2017, they hope to have started a new cycle, leaving behind them particularly dark years, such as 2008-2009 and 2012-2013. Nevertheless, in ten years, a new challenge has gradually emerged for French tour operators: disintermediation is progressing. Despite price control and a return to growth, tour operators have lost ground. TourHebdo

Cediv has successfully held its 2019 congress

In Catalonia, the 16th Convention of the Travelling Independents was a great success. Family atmosphere, serious work, positive interaction between distributors and suppliers, nothing was missing for a 2019 tour like the previous ones: widely acclaimed by all participants. The Cediv congress will have strengthened the links between its members and with its suppliers. It will have shown that it is now a major network in the French professional tourism landscape. The presence of personalities such as Jean Pierre Mas, the president of Entreprises du Voyage or Valéry Muggeo, the president of the Selectour cooperative, attests to its real rise in power. La Quotidienne

Leboncoin buys Locasun

Leboncoin is advancing its pawns in the travel sector by taking over locasun, a specialist in online bookings of residences and professional rentals throughout Europe. «This merger with Locasun, whose offer is mainly professional and international, is a guarantee for the Boncoin Group to be able to present a complete and diversified offer to the French,» explains Antoine Jouteau, the CEO of Boncoin. Sharing experience and technology will benefit both parties. Locasun will be able to increase its visibility and power thanks to the boncoin. Leboncoin will move faster on the development of offers for holiday accommodation professionals, in order to offer a comprehensive choice to holidaymakers.» Until now, leboncoin has reported that 4.7 million French people go on holiday each year. The holiday rental category has been open to individuals and professionals since the creation of the site (2006). L’Echo Touristique


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