Informe semanal de noticias del mercado ruso de la Oficina de Turismo de Tenerife en Moscú

The purchase of «Biblio-Globus» by Thomas Cook has been officially announced

On March 22 Biblio-Globus sent out a press release in which it confirmed the fact of a deal with the international concern Thomas Cook. As previously assumed, the tour operator transfers 100% of its business, but retains the operational management of the company and the team.

Tour operator New Travelers was restored in the Rosturizm register

The exclusion from the registry, which occurred on March 5, was only technical as the company informed about the change of the legal address, but the department did not receive information related to the relocation of the tour operator to a new office in time. As a result, the misunderstanding was resolved. Rosturizm returned to the register of information on 25 companies, and among them a «New Travelers».

Georgian airline will launch flights to Moscow

According to materials on the airline’s website, Georgian low-cost airline MyWay Airlines will start operating regular flights on route Tbilisi-Moscow. Company plans to start flights to the airport Zhukovsky  from April 26, 2019.

Nordwind launches flight to Hannover

Nordwind Airlines announced the launch of regular flights on the route Moscow – Hannover from June 7, 2019. A direct flight will be operated on Boeing 737-800 liners, designed for 189 passengers in the economy class cabin.

After a six-year break Belavia resumes flights to Sheremetyevo

Starting from April 22, 2019, Belavia will launch two regular daily flights to Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport from the National Airport «Minsk». Also, Belavia will continue to operate flights to Domodedovo and Zhukovsky in normal mode.

Rosturizm excluded 28 tour operators from the register

From February 25 to March 4, Rosturizm excluded 28 tour operators from the Unified Federal Register, in addition, another tour operator independently submitted a statement on the termination of activities. By order of February 25 3 tour operators were excluded from the register due to the failure to provide information on the availability of financial support for the new term. On February 28 nine tour operators were excluded, and another submitted a statement on the termination of tour operator activities. On March 4 another 16 tour operators left the register, including the legal entity New Travelers, which was previously in the group of “Natalie Tours” company.

Spain has tightened the conditions for issuing Schengen

It is necessary to confirm financial viability as before, but now instead of 75 Euros per person for a day trip the applicants need to have the sum of 90 euros per day. New rules apply to all citizens of Russia, including minors. The measure was taken in connection with the growth of the minimum wages in Spain, and not because of the distrust that had been formed towards the Russians. Russian tour operators do not see in the innovation barriers for Russian citizens planning a trip to Spain.

In January 2019 Turkey was visited by 34% more Russians than a year ago

Enhanced charter programs of tour operators for the New Year holidays in Antalya and charters for the ski resorts of Turkey kept Russia among the main entry markets of Turkey. In January 2019, Turkey received 91,720 citizens of the Russian Federation. In the general entry statistics of Turkey, the share of the Russian market was 5.96%. This is the largest indicator for January over the past three years (4.68% in 2018, 3.8% in 2017).

«Aeroflot» raised fuel surcharge due to rising fuel prices

Since March 4 the airlines of the Aeroflot group have increased the fuel surcharge by 200 rubles. Representatives of the carrier explain this decision by increasing fuel prices.

“For transportation from April 1 Aeroflot will increase the fuel surcharge by 200 rubles on its own domestic flights and flights of the subsidiary airlines Rossiya and Aurora. The increase will not affect the destinations on which the “flat fares” operate such as the cities of the Far East, Crimea and Kaliningrad,” representatives of the carrier said.

Tunisia extended the state of emergency for another month

The state of emergency, introduced in Tunisia after the terrorist attacks against tourists in 2015, was extended by another month until April 5. This decision was made by the current president of Tunisia, Beji Qaed es-Sebsi. The introduced regime has shown its effectiveness – serious security measures have been taken in the country, and as a result, not only the Russian, but also the European tourist flow returns.

Increasing interest in European destinations, in particular to Prague in May

According to Biletix data, the capital of the Czech Republic led the top 5 most popular outbound destinations for holidays in the beginning of May – even though last year it was not on the list at all. And last year’s leader, Istanbul, dropped to second place and is followed by Tbilisi, Paris and Tel Aviv.


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