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Jean-Pierre Mas (EDV): «The level of bookings is increasing significantly for 2019!»

«2019 is looking good«! Jean-Pierre Mas, President of Entreprises du Voyage, is optimistic. However, he did not lower his guard: IATA, Bercy, over-tourism… the points of vigilance are numerous. «Consolidation is accelerating in France. I see this in a positive light. The economic sector is of interest to investors and funds. This is a sign of the vitality of the sectorTourMag


Over-tourism: a constraint or a boon for tour operators?

Absent from the speeches just five years ago, «over-tourism» is now at the heart of concerns, including among travel professionals. The theme, discussed during the 10th SETO Forum in Deauville, will also be discussed in Madeira, during the Congress of Travel Companies. In addition to professional issues, Jean-Pierre Mas stressed the role that States play in the management of over-tourism and spatial planning in the broad sense: «Governments must be involved, in France and elsewhere, in the distribution of tourism in the territory, with areas of tourist concentration and areas with few tourists».  TourMag


Tourism: A transition in 2019 between yellow and grey

After a mixed Christmas, French hoteliers also did not fill up for the New Year, as foreign tourists, especially those with strong purchasing power, were cooled by images of violent demonstrations linked to yellow vests. «The impact is threefold: cancellations in the short term, a slowdown on bookings, and then also the effect on the image of the French destination«, sums up Jean-Virgile Crance, president of the national grouping of hotel chains (Mercure, Ibis, Sofitel, Balladins, Kyriad, etc.). For  France, for the entire month of December, he estimates that «-20% to -25% of reservations have not been made«. La Quotidienne


Business travel: the five trends for 2019

With new technologies that continue to drive change at an unprecedented pace, what does 2019 hold for businesses and business travellers? While the political climate is likely to bring some uncertainty, companies do not want to lose ground to their global competitors and want to continue investing to remain competitive. It is in this context that SAP Concur unveils its 5 predictions of changes and investment opportunities:

– More blurred boundaries between HR and finance

– The machine learning will always be on the rise

– Booking business travel will take less time

– Changing immigration and tax policies will create new pressures on multinational companies

– More parity in companies

Quotidien du Tourisme


Sports events, an asset for the destination

Sports events generate positive impacts for the local population when they are well integrated into a destination brand image strategy. Sport represents an important leverage effect for territorial managers because of its emotional aspect, its ability to engage a wide audience and to create a bond of trust. Sports events can have an impact that extends beyond the boundaries of the territory and extends internationally for larger events. They are all the more attractive and effective because they evoke strong symbols and trigger strong emotional reactions from the audience. Sport can be a great catalyst for a destination’s brand image. TourMag

  • Airline news:

Easyjet announces that the Nice Porto line will now be operated all year round

The last line launched last October by Easyjet from its Nice base to Porto will be operated all year round because the results are there. The frequency for the moment remains at 3 flights per week. As a reminder, Easyjet has become the leading operator on the Nice platform in terms of network supply and number of passengers carried, with a target of 5 million in 2019 for overall traffic in Nice, which should exceed 14 million passengers. La Quotidienne


Historic record: the 11,000,000,000 passengers mark is reached in Lyon-Saint Exupery

After the 10 million passengers a year reached for the first time in 2017, Lyon-Saint Exupéry airport is following suit with a new record: 11 million passengers welcomed in 2018.  This represents a growth of more than 25% over the last 3 years. Fill rates are increasing on many lines, representing nearly 60% of the traffic growth recorded, which demonstrates the solidity of the air service from Lyon – Saint Exupéry. Quotidien du Tourisme


  • Tour operator news:

Who is the new head of Carrefour Voyages?

Patrick Métivier joined Carrefour Voyages in February 2017 as Executive Director of Marketing and Clients. He was appointed Deputy Chief Executive Officer on March 1, 2018, and has been Chairman since December 20, following the departure of Nadia Van Cleven. Over the past two years, he has therefore actively participated in the strategic roadmap for the distribution network, written until 2022. «In 2018, we deployed a new CRM tool and a telephone platform, while strengthening our relationships with suppliers,» he explains. In 2019, we will continue the work begun last year. We want to be as close as possible to our customers and develop online sales. «A new website has been deliberately deployed for the past year, with Bastien Crochet at the helm as digital director and clients.” L’Echo Touristique


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