Los franceses gastan una media de 2.277 € para sus vacaciones

Market trends/Destination news: The French spend an average of €2,277 for their holidays Tripadvisor publishes the results of its annual TripBarometer study, conducted by the Ipsos MORI Institute among 21,500 travellers worldwide, including 2,254 French. They were asked about their habits before and during their stay. While 17% of travellers worldwide book their stay each […]

Thomas Cook se convierte en el único propietario de todas las acciones de ITC Travel Investments

Thomas Cook bought all the shares of the “Intourist” Thomas Cook has become the sole owner of all shares of ITC Travel Investments (Russian tour operator “Intourist”). “The deal is the next step in position strengthening of one of the world tourism leaders in our market,” the press service of Intourist commented. “Aturis-tour” can not […]

El nivel de reservas en Francia aumenta significativamente para 2019

Market trends/Destination news: Jean-Pierre Mas (EDV): “The level of bookings is increasing significantly for 2019!” “2019 is looking good“! Jean-Pierre Mas, President of Entreprises du Voyage, is optimistic. However, he did not lower his guard: IATA, Bercy, over-tourism… the points of vigilance are numerous. “Consolidation is accelerating in France. I see this in a positive […]

Mersus Technologies muestra su interés por establecerse en Tenerife

Mersus Technologies muestra su interés por establecerse en Tenerife

Coordinado a través del departamento de Promoción Económica de Turismo de Tenerife, Enrique Marín (CFO) y Geoffrey Allen (CEO), representantes de la empresa irlandesa de realidad virtual Mersus Technologies, han realizado una visita a la Isla. El mercado de la realidad virtual en el sector de la formación está creciendo fuertemente, y  Mersus Technologies requiere de personal […]

Cambio de tendencia en mayores de 50 años, quienes buscan vacaciones de aventura

Travellers and travel agents Travel Weekly, 9 January 2019, ‘Seismic shift’ in over-50s seeking adventure holidays Saga is seeing a “seismic shift” in older people seeking luxury holidays combining off-the-beaten track adventure. New research reveals that over-50s are more likely to opt for destinations such as Uzbekistan or Kyrgyzstan, with the hope of a more […]