• Market trends/Destination news:
Greece, Japan and Croatia are Youtube’s star holiday destinations
With an increase of 44% in May and June 2018 (vs. May and June 2017) in the number of views on travel videos, the French are showing a strong interest in this type of content on Youtube. French users watched more videos on Greece than on other countries (May and June) this year. Overall, Greece has been the most watched holiday destination in France since 2015. Japan has experienced steady growth of interest with a number of views 9 times higher since 2015. Croatia’s number of views increased 23 times compared to 2015. Thailand remains a popular destination for the French and stands at the 5th positions of summer destinations. Quotidien du tourisme
Flixbus and Uber offer a door-to-door solution
Available in the 12 cities* where Uber operates, this combination allows customers to easily combine the two transport solutions by using technology to provide them with a simplified door-to-door journey. This partnership offers an end-to-end transport solution to FlixBus passengers during the day and on night lines arriving at late hours, where other public transport modes are generally no longer available. Quotidien du Tourisme

• Airline news:
easyJet: a new base in Nantes for 2019?
In recent weeks, rumours have been growing that easyJet is about to open a new base in France and is taking a close interest in Nantes Atlantique airport. After Paris, Lyon, Toulouse, Nice and Bordeaux, easyJet should create a new French base at Nantes Atlantique airport next year and has already begun recruitment. TourMag
Air France: unions strongly want to harden the conflict
The Air France intersyndicale, which for 9 months now has been calling for a catch-up on salaries, cannot digest the fact that the Air France – KLM Board of Directors has recorded the «354% increase in remuneration» of the future CEO of Air France – KLM, Benjamin Smith. This is when «the employees are the only ones who are opposed to the absence of the CEO of the AF-KLM holding company (even though he is already appointed) as a hypocritical excuse for wage immobilism». He added «the bitter observation also concerns the fact that the absence of any strikes for nearly 4 months has not allowed any resumption of discussions in any form. An absence of summer strikes which could well lead to a revival of the movement in September. Quotidien du Tourisme
• Tour operator news:
Salaün Holidays candidate for the 2018 Sustainable Tourism Awards
In 2008, the company began its commitment to sustainable tourism with the support of the association OBGET (Observatoire géopolitique et environnemental du tourisme). Its coaches are ISO 14001 certified as of 2010, and its drivers are trained in eco-driving. Since 2016, the group has been a member of Agir pour un Tourisme Responsable (ATR), is committed to respecting ATR principles and commitments and disseminates the traveller’s ethical charter. It is also in the process of labelling and preparing an Ecocert Environnement audit. It is to respond to these concerns that the group has decided to engage with associations and promote solidarity tourism trips. Salaün Holidays carries out solidarity tourism activities in Vietnam, Uzbekistan, India, South Africa, Peru and Madagascar. Tourmag
Winter 2018-2019 : FRAM launches its early bookings and discounts on long and medium-haul flights
The FRAM brochures for winter 2018-2019 will be delivered in early September in travel agencies offering 17 FRAMISSIMA Clubs, including 9 new Clubs in Cuba, Mauritius, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Thailand, Zanzibar, not forgetting Tenerife and Agadir, tours and more than 120 hotels. By booking a stay for winter 2018-2019 before 15 October 2018, it will be possible to benefit from discounts of up to 200 euros on Canary Islands, Tunisia, Morocco or Egypt and up to 400 euros for a stay in Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Thailand or Senegal. Tourma

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