Tourists to refuse traveling once Euro hits ₽80 and higher

57% of tourists are ready to cancel their trip abroad due to currency rate (80 rubles per 1 Euro , which is a psychological barrier for most of the travelers. The data was shown in a survey of the travel  At the same time 18% are ready to go abroad regardless of any currency rate.


Peak of the season for Antalyia

During the nine-day holiday of Kurban-Bayram the tourist season reaches its peak in Antalyia. The resort area will host more than 1 million of local and foreign tourists during the festive week. The resorts are fully booked and the airlines had to increase the number of flights, reports Axam.


«Yakutia» to reduce charters in September

On August, 23rd a regular meeting of Rosaviatsia’s working group was held to regulate permits for charter flights . Only one airline received an order to reduce the charter program in September, ATOR reports.


Tour operators «Fond mira» and «Vedi Tur Elit» announced the termination of tour operator activities

Tour operators terminated its activities in the field of outbound tourism, the register of unfulfilled obligations of the companies was formed on August 24, as announced the press service of Rosturizm.


More than 0.5 million tourists visited Cyprus in July 

The number of tourists who visited Cyprus in July reached half a million. Compared to the result of 2017, there is a small increase – only 1.6%. In total during the period of January-July 2018 the arrival of tourists was 2’184’775 compared with 1’994’236 in the corresponding period of 2017. The increase, respectively, is 6%.

At the same time, Russia is No.2 source market for Cyprus with 22.5% share of the total number of tourists.

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